What sunglasses fit my face

What sunglasses fit my face?

In the previous article, we discussed “How to choose the right sunglasses to protect eyes?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What Sunglasses Fit My Face?”.

If you are not quite satisfied with your face, picking some nice clothes, wearing some make up would be good choices to improve your image. However, It will take so much time to pick the style of the clothes. That would cause serious headache for women especially. On the other hand, you are not quite sure about the quality of the clothes or the cosmetics. Some cosmetics could still not cover up the deficiencies of nature. What’s more, it would cause damage to your skin and accelerate aging. So what is the quickest and the most convenient way to brighten your face without paying so much? The answer is, wear a pair of sunglasses. But you must have question now. What sunglasses fit my face?

Round sunglasses for square faces

If you have some knowledge about the fashion taste, it is not difficult to understand that it is appropriate to choose the type which is contrary to your face. Why? Because it would be helpful to minimize the sense of abruptness visually. You won’t look weird, because this type of sunglasses could help you balance your face with the shape of glasses very well. Moreover, it would be very fun with the round or oval pairs. Now you won’t feel yourself inferior anymore because of the square face, because there is a good way to compensate the your deficiency. But remember stay away from the square glasses, because you will make you look severe, rigid, distant and austere, no matter you are working as a senior manager, or just a normal staffs. A bad image would have negative impact on your social relations. If you are a senior manager, or CEO, you should be more careful about your sunglasses picking. I believe that every senior manager would like to have a cooperative team under his charge. However, if no one has the courage to initiate their ideas or happy to work and listen to you, your project will be hard to be accomplished in an easy way, or may even be failed in a long run.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Square sunglasses for round faces

If your face is round, the width and length are the same, and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and you don’t have a strong jaw, then the square is the most suitable to you. You should try to avoid wearing the round or oval sunglasses. Because it would make your face look much rounder, especially when your round face is combining with the round body, that would cause horrible look. So remember to give your face more edges and corners, that would make your face have more three-dimensional effect and beautiful luster. The best idea is to choose some frames which is a little bit wider than your face, so as to make your face look much longer or thinner. Choosing the pair of sunglasses with the large frame would be a very good choice. You will look very stylish and fashionable. And if you decide to choose the square frame combines with the cat-eye shapes, which could destroy the image of circle can yet be regarded as a kind of creative means. It is not surprise that a pair of sunglasses would change your fairly prosaic face to profound. So your selection is the priority.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Oval sunglasses for rectangular faces

If you have rectangular face, choosing the frames which are similar to the round shape would be a good idea. Or choose some sunglasses with high and wide frames would also be good recommendation.  You should better avoid to wear the square sunglasses with the thin frames. A pair of wide aviator sunglasses would be desirable. Your face could be balanced and decorated well.

Sunglasses for Heart-shaped faces

If you have a heart shape face, you should absolutely be proud because it provide you with a large number of alternatives to build a fashionable image. The shape of your face are quite adjustable to different types of sunglasses. Because you have obvious cheekbones, so you could choose some cat-eye frames, browline, or the frames with semi-rim structure. If the frames have similar width and length, that would be quite adoptable. The most important is to gain more focus on the bottom part of your face.

Since we have talked about so many art about the frames and your faces, but the it is the final decision is up to you. Even though a suitable frames would have very good effect on improvement of your temperament, and add more beauty and balance to your face.

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