About Us

Every company always has an origin story, this is ours......

Our mission was clear:

Doesn’t everyone deserve to look good while wearing an affordable pair of glasses? Our belief is quality eyewear should be accessible, and more importantly affordable, to everyone. The ability to see shouldn’t be held at a premium when it’s such an integral part of our daily lives.

How we make it affordable:

With no middleman and no retail-space overhead. It goes straight from the factory to you! KoalaEye does everything in-house. From concept, design, to manufacturing, we control and oversee the whole process! This allows us to pass the savings onto you, our customers. KoalaEye provides high-quality glasses at affordable prices for everyone.

KoalaEye was built upon the following principles, and is dedicated to fulfilling them:

To provide the most affordable eyeglasses to people all over the world.
To provide the highest-quality optical lenses to our customers.
To make it easy to order eyeglasses online.
To provide exceptional customer support.

2.3 Billion Initiative

At KoalaEye, we will donate $1 to the non-profit organizations that are keen on vision correction glasses for every pair of glasses sold out,  until all 2 billion people can buy a pair of high-quality glasses.