What sunglasses are in style

What shape sunglasses are in style?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What sunglasses fit my face?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What shape sunglasses are in style?".

Sometimes you may have a problem. No matter how beautiful your dress, how glorious your closet is, you can’t be satisfied with your image completely. Especially when you want to have a summer vacation with your families, your kids, your partners, your friends, or even with your dogs or cats, you need something to fulfill your missing part. The Sunglasses. No matter you want protection for your eyes, or just want a cool look, or you just enjoy seeing people staring at themselves from your lenses, this is necessary to fulfill your dream. A pair of sunglasses would block the sunlight, improve our images, sometimes it is a great shelter for your sadness. They could hide your eyes, your expression, though it is not a good signal for opening yourselves, the reality is, we need them when necessary.

Cat-eye sunglasses

Why the cat-eye sunglasses is so popular? It has been feted by the fashion world for a long time since many years ago. Almost all of the well-known stars in the world would stored at least one or two pairs in their favorite closet. To find out the answer, we must focus on the style of their designs. It it not difficult to find that the cat-eye sunglasses have huge compatibility with women. It is easy to show the women’s femininity, their charm, and very stylish. If you have oval shape of face, you must be very lucky, because you could easily handle all of the types of sunglasses. The cat-eye is no exception. If you have a round face, perhaps you could choose some sunglasses combining with cat-eye and rectangular shaped. If you think your face is too long, you may need the sunglasses with longer length.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Round shaped sunglasses

The round shaped sunglasses are really popular especially for young people. Because a pair of appropriate round sunglasses combining with gray and simple T-shirt will be quite a good match. If you are woman, wearing a beautiful dress or skirt will be very cute with the round shaped sunglasses. If you want a pair of jeans, perhaps the light blue will create a huge space for your self expression. Choose a good brand with high quality, sturdy and comfortable, you will have a “cool”style, since they are also very mirror reflected. Think about that, when you are laying on a beach, no one can see your eyes from the outside. The round shaped sunglasses would also make you look young, so this is very suitable for both youths and elderly, men and women.

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Geometric sunglasses

If you have a round face, this will not be a bad choice. The geometric sunglasses have been one of the favorite collections for the movie stars and celebrities. Because this kind of sunglasses breaks the rules and boundaries, as well as our tradition impression to the sunglasses. If you want something new, this new kind of sunglasses will definitely bring you a fully new image. No matter the hexagon shaped or the prismatic frames, they are both the powerful weapons to show off your personality and creativity. But remember, choosing the right color and the weight of the sunglasses will be crucial. And it also depends on different social occasions. If you choose the colorful sunglasses, perhaps they are suitable for casual activities, if you want to wear in a formal place, the black geometric sunglasses will be perfect.

Rectangular sunglasses

The same as geometric sunglasses, the rectangular sunglasses are also friendly to round-faced. If you want to be cool in front of others, I suggest you to choose the polarized rectangular sunglasses, you will leave a strong impression to others especially when you are working as a senior manager. It shows your confidence, capacity and maturity. Of course, the rectangular sunglasses could be explained in different ways. With combination with light color, it is undoubtedly suited for leisure activities, such as friends visiting, going fishing, walking, hiking, swimming etc.

Semi-rim sunglasses

Comparing with the full-rim sunglasses, you will have wider vision without any doubt. Believe it or not, many people who have used the semi-rim and full-rim sunglasses would have better understanding for the difference. If you use the full-rim sunglasses, it will not be convenient when you look down. The full frame will become the barriers for you. The second advantages is the weight of semi-rim sunglasses. Because it use less materials during the manufacturing process, so less pressure will be given to your nose bridge. The third advantages of the semi-rim sunglasses is easy-cleaning. Because it only has half frames, when you clean the frames, it will be much more convenient than the cleaning the full-frames. But the deficiency is easy-damage. Because the semi-rim frame sunglasses have less protection for the lenses. Which will cause damage easily.

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