How to choose the right sunglasses

How to choose the right sunglasses to protect eyes?

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In the previous article, we discussed “How Do Sunglasses Work?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How to choose the right sunglasses to protect eyes?”.

For a long period of time, we have been confused about the choice of sunglasses. Because of our different shapes of faces, height and width of our noses, as well as our habit of wearing, it is difficult to choose the perfect sunglasses that fits everyone perfectly. So how to choose the right pair of sunglasses is significant in our life. To help you address your worries, we hereby offer a few helpful suggestions which may serve as an important reference for your purchase meant. Our suggestions are based on the examples of 38 categories of brands that are well known around the world, including Prada, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Baodao, Bolon, Mujosh, Miniso, H&M, Gentle Monster which are popular among the stars and celebrities. Basing on the capacity of UVA and UVB blocking, optical nature(including the stress test and deformation test) as well as the quality of comfort. After the tests of these sunglasses by humans, we come to notice that the brands which are valuable for recommendation are as follows: Gentle Monster, JINS, Ray-Ban, and LOHO.

Test for the sunglasses

What makes me surprised is that a pair of sunglasses which is 8 yuan has remarkable capacity for UVA blocking. In fact, no matter you buy a pair of sunglasses which is 8 yuan or the one which is more than 00 yuan, their glare blocking capacity is over 99.8%! Even though the sunglasses with very light color and high transparency, they still have outstanding capacity of glare blocking. However, more than half of our tested sunglasses are not qualified for their optical nature. 26 categories are not qualified due to their bad optical nature. In our stress test, the sunglasses with high quality could balance the stress well. However, the bad categories are fail to do so. Due to the excessive stress, the deformation occured on the lenses which will have negative impact on the vision. If you choose the sunglasses with good quality, the views you see through the lenses remains unmoved no matter how to move the sunglasses.(

Choice with Excellency

Basing on our test result, The Gentle Monster Moon cut series of sunglasses is suggested because of its outstanding capacity and optical nature. Meanwhile, they are really popular among ladies, girls as well as fashion invaders because of their stunning look. However, their comfort does not rank first because of their heavyweight. The temples which were made of wide sheets may be too tight for some people. This kind of sunglasses fits for small square faces, square faces with high cheekbones, or oval faces.

Sale priceFrom
Sale priceFrom

Choice with high quality and low price

If your wallet does not agree with you spending more than 00 or 2000 yuan on a pair of sunglasses, then KoalaEye may not be a bad choice. This fashion brand which is made in HONG KONG remains popular for many years because of its high quality and lower price. The temple of the category of sunglasses is 148mm, which is suitable for users with a big head. Furthermore, they are a great benefit for people with high cheekbone and round faces. The LOHO cat-eye Sunglasses is suitable for square faces with high cheekbone, an oval face, and a small square face.

The versatile choice

If you think it is hard to find the accessory for your outfit, the classical square sunglasses from KoalaEye could be a perfect choice for you. Such category of square shape sunglasses is the best fit for round face, long face and square face which is popular among both men and women. More importantly, they could make your face look smaller and elegant on women, and bring sufficient coolness, mature and depth for men.

The short sighted sunglasses

If you are short sighted, there is no doubt you have to be careful for choosing your own sunglasses. Because the fitness is the most important. If you are lover of outdoor sports activities. It is highly recommended that you can bring a pair of sunglasses and a pair of short sighted eyeglasses which is easier to meet your different needs outside. However, if you want the better protection for your eyes and the stylish look at the same time, there is a kind of sunglasses with gradient color of lenses. They could change color according to the strength of the UV glare. This kind of sunglasses is really magical which is a pair of short sighted sunglasses when you are indoors. But they become the sunglasses when you are outside, which could gradually reduce the inconvenience in your daily life.

Finally, we have to consider different colors, because not all of the colors are perfect for all skins. The sunglasses also choose different weathers and activities. So we suggest that you could choose several pairs which could meet your different occasions.

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