When you buy your sunglasses/eyeglasses online, you always want to select the best color and design. Apart from these factors, probably the most important thing to be aware of is the size. In the past, we tended to go to physical stores to try them on to get the right size. Imagine if you now have a very reliable and effective measurement guideline of the frames, online shopping for eyewear can now be easy and convenient. 


What frame dimensions include?


The Frame Width is the entire horizontal front of the frame, from the furthest extended point on either side

The Frame Height is the vertical height of the lens. 

The Bridge  is the size of the "bridge" of the frame that rests on your nose.

The Lens Width is the horizontal width of the lenses.

 The Temple Length is the length of the "stems" of the frame, measured from the frame hinge to the back tip of the temple. 

How to identify frame dimensions?


If you pay attention to the eyewear frames that you already have, you might see three numbers printed on the inside of your eyewear temple. These key measurements that describe eyeglass sizes are

1) the lens width (eye size)

2) the bridge width

3) temple length.

FM  image

How to take the frame measurements yourself?


If you already own a pair of frames that fits you well since you’ve been wearing it, check the measurements yourself as shown in the above image. If your pair does not have measurements mentioned, use a simple ruler in millimeter to check its size.

FM  image

The Frame Width

Lay the glasses flat and measure with a ruler. This part should contain the length of a straight length from the two ends of the glasses. It is more accurate to use the total width of the front frame.

FM  image

The Frame Height

Select one of the lenses and measure its length from its highest point to its lowest point

FM  image

The Bridge Width

The ruler is aligned with the bridge of the nose of the glasses and contains the length from the edge of one lens to the edge of the other lens.

FM  image

The Lens Width

A horizontal measurement of the length from one edge of one lens to the other edge of that lens.

FM  image

The Temple Length

Measures the horizontal length from the hinge to the end of the leg.

Tips for Reference

A ruler can be used to measure the approximate distance between your temples. Usually, the inner width of the eyeglass frame can be the same as the distance between your two temples or about 3mm larger than the distance.
To know about that whether a pair of glasses fits you, you should mainly focus on the Frame Height and the Frame Inside Width. As long as the two data can meet your needs, we believe it must be a good choice. Now any ordinary sunglasses frame manufacturers combine flexible design concept with the design of the hinge. If the size difference is 3mm-5mm between the frame you selected and the original frame or the wearer's face size, please rest assured that the eyewear frame you chose will not completely affect your comfort level.