Who has the best selection of eyeglass frames

Who has the best selection of eyeglass frames?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Should you wear sunglasses to a funeral?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Who has the best selection of eyeglass frames?”.

How to choose a frame

To judge whether a pair of frames is good, we must first look at the material of the frame. A good frame will choose materials that are harmless to the skin and have lightweight, high toughness, and resistance to deformation. Many people choose frames, often from the perspective of the practicality of the frames. A good pair of glasses is essential in daily life. So how do you choose a good frame that suits you?

1.Wearing Time

If the glasses are worn for a long time, you can choose a lighter frame to reduce the fatigue of wearing them. If the spectacles you are equipped with are only worn when you are intensively using your eyes for reading, watching TV, etc., you can choose a frame according to your personal preference.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/eyeglasses)


Those with high myopia should not choose half-frame and rimless frames, because the thicker lenses are not only unsightly but also easy to damage when paired with rimless frames. Those with higher astigmatism should not choose rimless frames, because the lens with rimless frames will have the problem of displacement of the astigmatism axis after long-term use.

3.Specific needs

If the purpose of the glasses is largely to match the image and the attending occasion, in the case that the vision condition does not restrict the frame, you can choose according to your specific needs. People who often engage in physical activities and sports should choose a frame with a more compact frame and plastic sheet material to reduce the chance of damage to the glasses due to accidental falls.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde


Linz, a city in northern Austria, is the place that can reduce the weight of glasses and produce light glasses in the world. And there is an eyewear brand, Silhouette. 'Making personalized glasses for personalized faces' is the slogan of Sihouette, but it is not famous for its personalized appearance design. The proprietary ultra-light glasses material technology is Sihouette's powerful advantage. There are two kinds of materials for Silhouette glasses, SPX, and titanium. SPX, which looks like plastic, is actually a fiber material. It is shiny, lightweight, soft and elastic, and is not affected by cosmetics and perspiration. Moreover, the appearance of SPX glasses is changeable and more fashionable. Titanium is not a new metal element. However, the titanium alloy used in the titanium glasses produced by Sihouette has low density, strong elasticity, exceptionally toughness, corrosion resistance, light texture, strong temperature stability, and does not cause allergies.


OAKLEY develops every new product with the design concept of 'sculpting physics', and combines the support of basic equipment with new technologies. OAKLEY engineers and artists have always been committed to expanding the company's existing product series. Founded in 1975, OAKLEY is headquartered in Southern California, USA. Oakley integrates science and art, breaks the limitations of traditional concepts, and redefines product categories. Today, it has been recognized as one of the brands in integrating technology and fashion. The trademark has been integrated into the cultural atmosphere of athletes who have the courage to challenge their physical limits. Over the years, OAKLEY has consistently focused on sports.


The EFE brand originated in the Netherlands in the 1960s and was founded by the three brothers and sisters of the Dutch Van Basten family, Edeline, Fedora, and Edmund. In 1969, EFE's first store was opened on P.C. Hoofstraat. The founder firmly believes that the brand should lead the trend, not follow the trend. Combining their distinctive styles and the common pursuit of beauty, EFE has been sought after and favored by celebrities from all parties once it was launched. After more than half a century, EFE still upholds the original spirit, focusing on the combination of quality and taste, presenting wonderful designs for people who pursue individuality, so that everyone who pursues fashion can find themselves in EFE.

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