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Different Colors of Sunglasses Lens and Their Benefits

Not only can the colored sunglasses lenses make you look more fashionable, but also they can help filter light away from your eyes. However, different sunglasses lens colors have different functions. So, in this post, we will show you the different sunglasses lens color guides.

Sunglasses Lens Colors Guide

Sunglasses lens come in different colors including grey, green, blue, red, yellow, and amber. When selecting the colored lenses, be sure to consider your lifestyle, such as daily work, recreational activities, and what your sunglasses are used for. Each color is especially suited to enhance and improve vision in certain settings and activities.

However, if you wear the wrong sunglasses lens color, your vision may be disrupted. So, understanding the purpose and the benefits of each sunglasses color is very important. So here, we will show you some information about sunglasses lens colors.

Green: greenish colored sunglasses offers contrast by filtering out blue light. This can reduce glare and eye strain in brighter sunlight. These green sunglasses can be used to play golf or tennis for everyday wear.

Gray: it is a neutral color of sunglasses lens. It can reduce glare especially when on the water. This gray lens is helpful for fishing sunglasses and is a great color to shield bright light. Gray sunglasses work well on both cloudy and sunny days and provide anti-fatigue benefits.

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Blue: blue lens sunglasses provide stunning and enhanced color perception. With them, you can still see around objects clearly while offering protection from reflective surfaces, especially in the snowy weather. Blue lens sunglasses can work well in foggy and misty weather.

Red: red lens sunglasses block blue light so they help improve driving visibility while reducing eye strain. In addition, the red lens sunglasses can increase the depth of field and enhance detail. And the red lens sunglasses are mostly used in sports activities.

Yellow: yellow lens mostly be used in night driving glasses. They provide depth perception and work well for both outdoor and indoor. The yellow lens sunglasses can improve the visibility of objects and block out blue light. However, the yellow lens may distort color.

Amber: this glare-reducing tint helps to make cloudy days a bit brighter. These amber sunglasses include red hues that block blue light while helping improve depth perception. Amber lens sunglasses can comfort eyes in sunny conditions and heighten contrast against green landscapes and blue skies. So, the amber lens sunglasses can be used for activities like golf or baseball.

To sum up, this post list different sunglasses colors. If you want to buy a pair of colored sunglasses, Koalaeye Optical may be a good choice. You can choose different eyeglasses and sunglasses online and the packages will be mailed to you. In addition, if you have any different ideas of sunglasses lens colors, you can leave a message in the comment zone and if you have any problems with glasses or sunglasses, you can contact us via the email

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