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What Are Night Driving Glasses? Pros and Cons

It is an annoying thing that you can’t see clearly when driving at night. Poor night vision can affect people of any age and it would be very dangerous if you can’t see clearly when driving at night. Hence, you can use a pair of special night driving glasses to help you to see better for night driving. Therefore, in this post, we will focus on the night driving glasses.

What Are Night Driving Glasses?

Night driving glasses are a pair of non-prescription eyeglasses that come in yellow-tinted lenses. They are the same as a type of sports eyewear known as shooter’s glasses. To eliminate internal reflections of light from streetlights and oncoming headlights that could cause glare, there is an anti-reflective coating on the night driving glasses.

There are many different issues with night driving when it comes to your vision, such as depth perception, ability to distinguish color and peripheral vision in low-light conditions. So, night driving glasses would be necessary for some people.

Glass for night driving can help to improve your vision despite these conditions. They usually involve a lens coating to enhance the performance of your lenses. Night driving glasses are designed to wear at night so as to reduce the number of reflections on your lenses when on the road.

So, do the night vision glasses for driving really work? There are different voices on night driving glasses.

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Pros and Cons of Night Driving Glasses

In this section, we will show some different voices of night vision glasses.

Pros: Night driving glasses with yellow lenses can improve contrast in certain daylight conditions because the yellow tint obstructs some blue light from sunlight. If the night driving glasses are polarized, they will provide UV protection. The lenses color of night driving glasses is available in a wide selection of shades of yellow and amber.

So, if you need a pair of driving glasses, you can try Koalaeye Optical. It provides all kinds of glasses and sunglasses, such as progressive glasses, polarized sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses, wrap around sunglasses, and so on. You can visit its official website to find more surprises.

However, there are also some cons of night vision glasses for driving.

Cons: Even though the night driving glasses can filter out the most glare from blue light, they also filter out the most significant light. This makes drivers difficult to see in dim or dark conditions. Some users even say the night driving glasses affect their visibility. In addition, a research showed that the night driving glasses did not improve night vision at all.

How Can You Improve Night Driving Vision?

So, do you know how to improve your night driving vision?

1. Check your eyes on a regular basis so as to find whether there is an eye condition.
2. Get an anti-reflective coating on your prescription glasses.
3. Wipe your eyeglasses before driving.
4. Make sure the windshield is clean both inside and outside.
5. Keep dashboard lights dim to avoid eye strain while night driving.
6. Keep the headlights clean and free of grime.

Besides these ways, when driving at night, you should also be careful enough and drive slowly to avoid some accidents.

To sum up, this post has shown some information about glasses for night driving. If you have any different ideas for night driving glasses, you can share them in the comment zone. If you have any problems with glasses or sunglasses, you can contact us via the email

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