How sunglasses are made

How Sunglasses Are Made

In the previous article, we discussed “Which sunglasses are the best. In this article, let’s talk about “How Sunglasses Are Made”.

We have been very familiar with sunglasses because we use them very often in our routines. However, not many people know the secret behind them. Is it complicated to make a pair of sunglasses? The manufacturing process is really complicated because the mission of the manufacturer is not only to make you look beautiful, but their priority is to make you safe and healthy. So, making a pair of qualified sunglasses is a big task. Before reaching your hand, each pair of sunglasses should be tested many times and pass the qualification inspection.

The Checking process

First of all, we must check the original lenses. All of the testing instruments here we used are called “focimeter”. This instrument would enable us to confirm the optical center of the original lenses, and detect the accuracy of the lenses power. If they are unqualified, or with some scratches, such lenses are not be allowed to use. Second, we should check the the accuracy the corresponding lenses, serial No. Of the frames and power degree of the lenses according to the prescription. Finally, we should make sure the paint of the temples and frames will not come off. Then we will scan the frames.(

Manufacturing process

After finishing the checking process, we should use the focimeter to determine the optical center of the lenses. Then we use the center locator to fix the lenses. We fixed the position of the optical center for the original lenses and fix the suction cup on the lenses so as to be ready for grinding the lenses. Then we set the parameters for the automatic edging machine. After that, we will continue to grind the lenses. The assembler will input the relevant parameters of the lenses into the machine. Don’t be surprised, the machine is very smart. They will automatically grind the lenses according to the frame structure which has just been scanned. When the grinding process is finished, we will start to install the lenses for the frame, now a beautiful sunglasses is completed. However, its safety can not be ensured. So we need the next step.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

The inspection for the quality

After the lenses have been installed accordingly. It is not a qualified product which could be sold to the consumers. Because we should be responsible for the users. So we require the quality inspector to take the second checking process for the completed sunglasses. But what should we do for the second inspection? First, we need to make sure the optical center of the two lenses are consistent with the pupil distance. Second, we should check the power degree of the lenses is consistent with the corrected visual acuity parameters. Finally, whether the axis position of the lenses is accurate. If any of the data does not meet the requirement. This pair of sunglasses will given up. And all of the manufacturing process have to be restarted again, till all of parameters could perfectly fit the user’s eyes.

The adjustment of the frames

When we pick the new sunglasses, we should make adjustment to it in order to better meet the requirement of different people. Because some people’s ears and eyes are not at the same level, so more adjustments are needed to make them feel comfortable when they are wearing these sunglasses. After proper adjustment. The stress between your ear and your bridge of nose could be balanced and this will be able to reduce the possibility that the temples would slice off from your face. so the user could build a better habit of seeing things. However, due to the changes of visual habits and the characteristics of the optical lenses, it may require some time to adapt to the new sunglasses. More things that should be noticed, for people who wears sunglasses very often, they must already known that because of the distance between the lenses and the eyes, and the tilt angle of the frames between the new and old sunglasses, you may have a slight different feeling when you put on the new sunglasses, but it is easy to adapted in a short time.


Now you must have a clearer idea for how the sunglasses is made, it requires a lot of process, patience, carefulness, high techniques, time, energy, and even courage for creation in design. That is why a pair of sunglasses with good quality is expensive, because it will protect you for a long time, it will become a long lasting companion, a good friend, and even a family member to you. So please keep your sunglasses in a proper way, try to protect them against scratches, if possible, please go to the good or reliable stores for your sunglasses. Especially when you have eye illness or maybe you are myopic, so picking an appropriate sunglasses is very important.

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