Which sunglasses are the best

Which sunglasses are the best

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In the previous article, we discussed “How much do sunglasses weigh. In this article, let’s talk about “Which sunglasses are the best”.

There are so many kinds of sunglasses are on sale in the market, however, no sunglasses are the best. Because everything has both advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is perfect in this world. What you should do is to find a pair that is perfect for you.

The plastic lenses

Comparing with other lenses, the plastic ones are much lighter than the other materials. What is why many famous brands prefer to use such kind of materials for manufacturing. Because they are lightly weighted, which is very necessary for outdoor activities. It is hard to imagine how to carry such a heavy bag for the whole day for friends gather, drinking in bars, walking, running, fishing, or doing something fun. They are light weighted and not easy to be damaged. The function for UVA prevention for these lenses would be much better than the glass lenses. It is also much simpler for the color processing for plastic lenses. However, nothing is perfect, the shortcoming of these plastic lenses is their durability. They are easy to be scratched. When the lenses have been badly hit, they are easy to deform. So you should be much more careful with their storage. Normally there are three types of materials for plastic lenses. They are resin lenses, PC lenses, and acrylic lenses.

The Glass lenses

The glass lenses are widely seen in our daily life. The most outstanding feature of the glass lenses are their stability o their optical nature which has been one of the advantages for a long time. And when this advantages are put on the frame of the sunglasses, they also have another good advantages, they are not easy to deform, and will not be influenced by the pressure of the frame of the lenses. However, their deficiency is easy damage. If they are broken, your eyes will be easy to harmed. Nowadays, with the improvement of the technologies. The newly developed reinforced glass lenses are playing a much more remarkable role than the normal glass lenses. They have been regarded as the secure lenses.

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The polarized lenses

There are a large number of medical reports which have proved the effectiveness of the glare blocking for the polarized lenses. However, the quality is various from one to another. And different color has different function for blocking the glare. If you have buying from a good store,  you will be able to ensure your protection for your eyes while driving, hiking, walking, swimming and skiing. These polarized lenses will be able to block the glare from different direction and make your vision much clearer to ensure your safe drive. They are very useful glasses for your daily life. More importantly, with the growing fashion taste, the polarized lenses have been divided into a lot of categories. And you could choose any type that is suitable to your face, your hairstyle, your skin and different social occasions. However, remember not to buy the sunglasses with poor quality, they will not only have zero protection for your eyes, but also do a lot of harm to them.

Photosensitive Lenses

The color of these sunglasses can be adjusted automatically according to the intensity of light, but other materials can't be compared with these photosensitive lenses, the color of lenses will change correspondingly due to the change of light, so that the eyes can be adapted to different environments easily. When you walk or drive in front of the strong light, the color of the discolored lenses will deepen, so as to give high definition to your eyes. These kind of sunglasses have been widely used nowadays,because of the effectiveness, and also their fashionable style. They are also very popular among young people.


However, it is not an easy job to find the best sunglasses in the world. When you have chosen the right materials, the second question will come. What if I have round, square or long faces? Which pairs should I choose? My skin is black, will it be a problem if you wear light color sunglasses? I love light color clothes, will it be ugly if I choose the dark color sunglasses? What if I have heavy makeup, is it appropriate to wear these glasses when I join a party? Will it be possible to wear it when I date someone? There are too many questions waiting for us. Actually the most important is that we should find suitable pairs for us if our eyes are sensitive to the sun. You should focus more on their quality of protection rather than what they look like. Perhaps you may need one or more pairs to meet different demands of you, because of the different advantages and disadvantages. It is not a bad idea to use a different companions for your daily life, it will undoubtedly bring you extra fun and happiness. And also build a nice relationship with your friends.

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