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Are Prada sunglasses good?

In the previous article, we discussed “Are Fendi sunglasses good?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are Prada sunglasses good?”.

About The Frame

Most frames are made of plastic, metal, and plate, with good texture, friction resistance, impact resistance, and high toughness, and will not cause damage to the eyes or face when the frames are broken due to strenuous exercise. The VPR 01PA tortoiseshell 2AU1O1 frame is smooth, glossy, and stylish. It is integrated with the frame and has strong integrity. The connection with the temple adopts an embedded hinge, which is distinctive. Frame and nose pad integrated into the design. The silhouette ranges from round to cat-eye to square, giving a variety of options, and has always been an actress's must-have choice.

About The Lens

The shading effect of the lens is good and conforms to the standards of the visible light transmission ratio, relative deviation of the light transmission ratio, traffic signal transmission ratio, and color limit in the test project. Prada's all-in-one UV protective sunglasses, stylish and simple, are not only eye-catching but instant favorites. High-tech resin and PC progressive lens, combined with progressive and professional process design, make the lens, the frame, the temples very stable. The lens has 100% UV protection and filters out irregular glare, ensuring high definition, comfort, and a wide field of vision.

Precio de ventaDesde
Vintage Round Sunglasses | Round Sunglasses | KOALAEYEVintage Round Sunglasses | Round Sunglasses | KOALAEYE
Precio de venta$32.00 USD

About The Design

Prada glasses have always given people a unique sense of taste, and the whole feeling of original Italian manufacturing. Prada sunglasses are a standard accessory for many celebrities with their unique style and pop. Its design is in harmony with the modern lifestyle. Not only in material color and design, but the philosophy of life behind its design also coincides with the dual state of mind that modern people pursue personal practicality and popular beauty. It achieves a perfect balance between function and aesthetics, which is not only a display of fashion trends but a high standard of modern aesthetics.

Prada sunglasses and optic eyeglasses have followed the same creative process, and have carved out their own path in experimental appearance and alternative communication channels. Prada sunglasses series has a strong character and personality.

Personalized Service

The store will prepare similar products according to customers' preferences, and provide diversified choices for the store. Surrounding services include free optometry, cleaning, adjusting glasses, replacement of accessories, and other supporting services. The store will immediately inform the product price and activity information when booking.

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