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How can you tell if Prada sunglasses are real?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Are Prada sunglasses good?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How can you tell if Prada sunglasses are real?”.

Check the inside of the temples.

The inside of the right temple should include the Prada logo, Made in Italy, and the CE logo, which means the product complies with European regulations. All Prada sunglasses are made in Italy by Luxottica. The lack of a "CE" mark means the product was not made in Prada's factory (Luxottica) and must be a fake. The 'R' dent on Prada's sunglasses is less prominent in the logo than on a clothing label or wallet. The inside of the left temple should have Prada's model number, beginning with an "S" or "V" to show that it is sunglasses or part of the eyewear line, followed by "PR" for Prada. A short sequence of 2-3 digits/letters are the model numbers. Then comes a series of numbers and letters indicating the size of the bridge of the nose, the lenses (not including the frames) and the temples, and the color code of the frames, the type and strength of the lenses.

Check the model number of Prada sunglasses.

All Prada models have only two opening formats: SPR or SPS. SPR starts with Prada's main line of sunglasses, which takes a luxury style route. The sports line of Prada begins with SPS, called "Prada Linea Rossa", and has more sporty design elements. The model format for all Prada sunglasses is SPS or SPR+2 numbers +1 or 2 letters, like SPS 04F or SPR 52DS.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Check if the packaging is correct.

The packaging for the new Prada sunglasses should include sunglasses, a cardboard box, a case, a cleaning cloth, a Prada information guide, a manufacturer's information guide, and a real product card. The SPS and SPR series of Prada sunglasses have had different packaging designs over the years. Note that the logo, especially the letter R and the original sunglasses, have the correct form.

Observe the lens.

Looking at the right lens, you should find a small inscription etched on the top of the inside of the right lens. This is the serial number of the product. Small etchings are difficult to reproduce, and fakes are omitted. Prada has etched its logo into the upper corner of the left outer lens. Starting in 2000, Prada began to add an engraved serial number to the lens on the right. Note that the serial number is engraving, not printed, and should be legible.

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