Why do my glasses hurt the top of my ears?

Why do my glasses hurt the top of my ears?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Why not try these online glasses frames?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why do my glasses hurt the top of my ears?”.

Make sure that you feel comfortable when wearing eyeglasses. Uncomfortable glasses are not something anyone should wear! When the frames fit, you will feel great and they won't slip, pinch, cause a headache, or touch your eyelashes. Why do my eyeglasses hurt my ears?

Incorrect adjustment

The pain is caused by incorrectly adjusting the glasses. Use your fingers or metal pliers to slowly press on the area that needs to be adjusted. The pressure should be applied gently. A small change has more impact than you think. Each of us has a unique head shape, so the glasses need to be personalized.

The frame is not the right size.

Not all styles and sizes fit all head shapes, and in some cases, you may end up finding that the frames are too tight. Glasses that are too tight can cause earaches. This can lead to headaches because the glasses affect the blood circulation of the ears. Some eyeglass designers provide different kinds of frames like small frames, large frames, and optional frames, to suit different needs. While the frames of glasses can be adjusted to fit different head sizes, not all frames are right for everyone.

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The actual material of the glasses.

Your glasses may be made of plastic, metal, or even wood, and you should choose carefully if you have skin allergies to these materials.

How to stop glasses hurting behind ears?

Find a professional to adjust the glasses. In most cases, they should be able to adjust your frame and at no cost. If necessary, you can adjust your glasses at home. If your glasses continue to cause pain, you should think about talking to your ophthalmologist to see what shape and size of the frame are best for you.

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