How to buy prescription sunglasses online?

How to buy prescription sunglasses online?

Due to visual physiological characteristics, visual acuity decline degree, visual acuity correction methods, and other factors, the prescription of glasses varies from person to person, and the data in the prescription are not the same. Glasses can only be individually processed and personalized. The prescription for glasses obtained by scientific optometry is the professional parameter that processors must rely on for processing and production, and it is a necessary inspection item for product quality inspection and acceptance. Therefore, it is pretty important to accurately understand the prescription for glasses.

Prescription sunglasses should fit the shape and size of your face.

Prescription sunglasses are important to fit your face shape and size. Common face shapes include oval, round, square, and heart-shaped, each of which looks best with a different pair of sunglasses. It is important to consider the width of the face shape. Keep in mind that slightly wider prescription sunglasses may improve the appearance of a long, narrow face, but sunglasses that are too small on a square or round face will often make your head look bigger.

Examination By An Optometrist

An eye test by an optometrist can help determine if you need glasses. Sometimes it is suggested that you choose the opposite shape of your face. For example, if a person has a wide, square face, he or she may choose round or oval glasses to soften the face, while someone with an oval face may choose square or cat-eye sunglasses. People with wide foreheads and narrow jaws can opt for rimless glasses to prevent their faces from looking unbalanced.

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Choose a color according to your skin tone.

Choose the color based on your skin tone, as well as what type of clothes and jewelry you wear. Tortoiseshell and black frames tend to be the most neutral, looking best on dark-haired people, and of course, there are different colors and styles available. Brightly colored frames may help to accentuate the eyes, or they may match the colors you wear regularly.

Points of Note When Buying Prescription Sunglasses

The prescription should be written in the right eye first and then in the left eye, and the non-standard prescription should be copied. Do not miss writing symbols when you copy lens degree. The decimal point and two decimal places of the degree of the lens cannot default.

The column mirror has an axial position, and the prism has a bottom direction. Pupil distance, distance lens, and near-use lens should be accurately reflected. If the data is not clear, you should make it clear before filling it in. Pay attention to correct handwriting when writing. In order to contact customers at a time when necessary in the processing process, and to facilitate the glasses company to provide customers with after-sales service, the processing engineer should fill in or verify the customer details carefully.

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