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Can you get sunglasses with a prescription?

In the previous article, we discussed “How to buy prescription sunglasses online?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Can you get sunglasses with a prescription?"

The so-called sunglasses with degrees are nearsighted sunglasses. The myopia sunglasses are tailored to the degree of a person's myopia. It is measured according to degrees of myopia, so it can avoid the embarrassment to wear of two pairs of glasses, already convenient, beautiful, and stylish. For myopic friends, they can wear a number of sunglasses at the convenience of many.

Not all sunglasses can be paired with prescription sunglasses. Basically, only those sunglasses frames that look more like glasses can be matched with prescription sunglasses lenses, so let's talk about that. What kind of sunglasses does not deserve to go up myopic lens?

If the frame is too big, a myopia lens is not suggested.

The Embryo piece of a myopic lens is usually a large circle. It gets thinner as it moves toward the center and thicker as it approaches the periphery. Even a lens with the thinnest index of 1.74 has a very thick outer ring. So, if the frames are very large, especially for the oversized sunglasses that have become popular in recent years, then you can imagine that if you pair them with a nearsightedness lens, the lens will look heavy, ugly, and uncomfortable to wear. In other words, it is technically possible, but wearing it is neither recommended nor advocated.

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Frame radian is too curved, does not match myopia lens directly, but can add outside myopia lens.

There are many sports sunglasses that are designed to fit the face and head perfectly, such as the lenses, which have a relatively large curve, which is impossible for ordinary myopia lenses to achieve. Therefore, for such glasses, there will be a special external myopia lens. I'm sure you've all heard of NBA players wearing "anti-goggles".They are prescription lenses designed specifically for sports. Many swimming goggles come with prescription lenses. And if you are buying sunglasses specifically for exercise, the recommended option is to buy prescription exercise sunglasses.

The single lens can not match myopia glasses.

Due to technical limitations, all mono-lens glasses can't match myopia lenses. Anyhow, for matching myopic sunglasses, that frame commonly is not too big, double lens sunglasses with flat lens radian are suitable. Sports type and single-lens sunglasses are not suitable with myopia glasses.

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