Which lens is used to treat hyperopia

What type of lens is used for hyperopia?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Which lens is used for myopia?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What type of lens is used for hyperopia?”.

When external light converges on the retina through the refractive tissue of the eye, we can see things clearly. For nearsighted people, the light converges in front of the retina, while for hyperopic people, the light converges behind the retina. The higher the degree of hyperopia, the more rearward the light converges, and the less clear it is to see.

Correction principle of hyperopia spectacle lens

The principle of hyperopia spectacles for hyperopia is very simple. It is to add a layer of optical coating in front of the eyeball to change the focus point of the light and produce a corrective effect. The main function of hyperopia glasses is to change the refraction distance of light. When the external light source is passed through the hyperopia spectacle lens, it produces the first refraction, and after it enters the lens, it produces the second refraction. Finally, adjust the incident and focus angles so that the focus point can be successfully overlapped on the retina to achieve the therapeutic effect.

Which lens is better for hyperopia glasses?

Resin lenses are made of organic material and are currently the most common spectacle lens. Compared with glass lenses, its impact resistance is several times that of glass lenses. The resin lens is not easy to break, safe and durable, and has good light transmission performance. But the chemical resistance is weak, and the surface is prone to scratches. Water absorption is not as good as glass lenses.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/eyeglasses)

PC lens, also called space lens or cosmic lens, the main material is polycarbonate, which is a kind of thermoplastic material. Compared with lenses of other materials, it has extremely strong toughness and super impact resistance, so it is also called a safety lens. This kind of lens is relatively rare and the price is relatively high.

The glass lens has gradually been eliminated. Its characteristic is that it is not easy to scratch and has a high refractive index. However, the glass lens is fragile and the material is relatively heavy. So now few people are willing to wear glasses with glass lenses.

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How to choose hyperopia spectacle lenses

A good spectacle lens for hyperopia must be stable, safe, and reliable, and at the same time, it must be harmless to the human body. When choosing hyperopia spectacle lenses, according to your own vision, under the guidance of a professional optometrist, choose a hyperopia spectacle lens that suits you, such as resin lenses or coated lenses. The corrective and therapeutic effects of each type of lens are different, and the lens should be selected reasonably based on the actual situation.

For people who exercise a lot, they should choose frame-type resin hyperopia spectacle lenses, which can minimize the degree of wear of the spectacle lens and the chance of accidental fall injury.

For those who are particularly busy at work, they should choose frameless and memory-efficient hyperopic spectacle lenses, which can reduce eye fatigue as much as possible, while reducing the wear of the spectacle lenses.

For people who travel frequently, hyperopia contact lenses are a good choice. On a business trip, it is more troublesome to wear framed hyperopia glasses, which will cause unnecessary troubles on many occasions, so it is the best way to choose hyperopia contact lenses.

Presbyopia spectacle lenses and spectacle frames must be selected reasonably. It is very important to choose the spectacle lenses suitable for you. You can go to the optical shop to communicate with the optometrist. The optometrist will recommend and introduce suitable glasses for your presbyopia based on your actual situation.

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