Can hyperopia be corrected with glasses

Do you need glasses if you are farsighted?

In the previous article, we discussed “Which lens is used to treat hyperopia?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Do you need glasses if you are farsighted?”.

We all know that once the eyes are nearsighted, the world becomes blurred, and in order to see things clearly, we have to wear nearsighted glasses. So, on the other hand, do you need to wear glasses for hyperopia? Normally, our eyes are in a state of hyperopia when we are born. As we grow up and the axis of the eye becomes longer, hyperopia gradually decreases or even disappears, until it becomes low-degree hyperopia. Since hyperopia is a normal physiological phenomenon in the growth and development of the eyeball, does hyperopia do not need glasses?

What is hyperopia?

Hyperopia is when parallel rays of light enter the eye and form a focal point behind the retina, and external objects cannot form a clear image on the retina. The patient's subjective perception is blurred when looking far away, and more blurred when looking near. Use a convex lens can correct hyperopia. In mild hyperopia, the subjective feeling is not obvious through the adjustment of the lens. With the increase of age and decrease of the accommodative power, asthenopia, blurred vision and other symptoms gradually manifest.(

Hyperopia needs to be corrected by wearing optical glasses. For hyperopia and myopia, wearing frame glasses is a simple and effective way. You need to choose a suitable frame and lenses for hyperopia to form a pair of hyperopia glasses.

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Correction principle of hyperopia spectacle lens

Hyperopia is caused because the inner axis of the eye is too short. Without any exogenous correction, after the light enters the lens of the eye, the focal point of refraction falls behind the retina and cannot produce a focal point. Therefore, hyperopia often has no way to see near things clearly. For this reason, by adding a hyperopia spectacle lens in front of the lens of the eyes, it has the function of physically increasing the eye axis and zooming so as to achieve the effect of treating hyperopia.

How to treat presbyopia with spectacle lenses

The principle of hyperopia spectacles for hyperopia is very simple. It is to add a layer of optical coating in front of the eyeball to change the focus point of the light and produce a corrective effect. The main function of hyperopia glasses is to change the refraction distance of light. When the external light source is passed through the hyperopia spectacle lens, it produces the first refraction, and after it enters the lens, it produces the second refraction. Finally, adjust the incident and focus angles so that the focus point can be successfully overlapped on the retina to achieve the therapeutic effect.

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