What are the most classy and elegant kinds of sunglasses

What are the most trendy sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “How to look good in sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the most trendy sunglasses?”.

As the weather gets warmer, the sun becomes more dazzling. Do you think the sunglasses that were put in a drawer last year don’t seem to be fashionable anymore? There are various styles of sunglasses. So, what are the most classy and elegant kinds of sunglasses? What are the most trendy sunglasses?

Matrix Sunglasses

Remember The Matrix? Yes, all the posters wearing sunglasses are one of the important elements of the Matrix movie. But recently, Matrix sunglasses are no longer the patent of men, and quietly boarded the trendy list of women's most likes. This kind of sunglasses overturns the previous concept of using 'big-rimmed glasses' to cover the face. What Matrix glasses want is 'the beauty of covering the eyes' and 'show the exquisiteness of the entire face.' This kind of narrow-frame glasses is not suitable for everyone, but once your face is just suitable for wearing, then you will definitely look cool and fashionable when you wear it. Appropriately make some changes in clothing, Matrix sunglasses are still comfortable in other areas! For example, if you use the right hat, you will have a different feeling.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Speaking of cat-eye sunglasses, we think of retro. In recent years, catching up with the retro trend, many old-looking items are used as fashion items. While Matrix sunglasses can be called a member of the retro style, for the time being, cat-eye sunglasses are definitely the ancestor of the trend.

In fact, both sunglasses are members of the narrow-rim glasses family, and cat-eye sunglasses are more like an exaggerated extension of Matrix. The difference is that if Matrix sunglasses are a bit too provocative, then cat-eye sunglasses may be much better. The exaggerated edges and corners can effectively modify the face, so cat-eye sunglasses are very suitable for big-faced girls. In terms of the color of the frame, no matter whether you create a fashionable girl who is following the trend or the image of a retro literary style, cat-eye sunglasses can help you.

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Gold-Rimmed Sunglasses

Gold-rimmed sunglasses have an indelible fashion status. The shape of gold-rimmed sunglasses is even more varied. You can choose gold-rimmed sunglasses that suit your face shape, which can make you look more fashionable.

Color Sunglasses

Color sunglasses of different colors can be matched with different clothing to create different effects. The gentle pink lens is girly style, so it is better to choose light colors in clothes. Yellow lenses make people look like an alternative cool, full of personality. With more stylish clothing, the yellow color of the glasses must make you distinctive. The blue-green glasses are mainly 'cool'. Just don't choose clothes that are too gentle, otherwise, they will look nondescript. Cool clothing can fully display the mysterious coolness of the blue-green series.

Don't blindly follow the trend. Choosing the one that suits you is the best. For example, if a girl with a big face chooses Matrix sunglasses, her face may appear bigger. But with cat-eye sunglasses, maybe it will have a better effect on modifying your face. Narrow frame sunglasses have been pushed to the forefront of fashion trends. If you feel that you are not suitable for narrow frames, use the two elements of color and gold-rimmed, you can still have a sense of fashion.

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