Can anti-blue light glasses be worn all the time?

Can anti-blue light glasses be worn all the time?

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A few days ago, I got a pair of anti-blue light glasses. When I first wore them, I felt that things looked brighter and had a super-clear feeling. After wearing them for two or three days, I suddenly found that things looked slightly yellowish. Are anti-blue light glasses suitable for wearing all the time? Will there be any adverse effects if I wear it all the time? I stare at my computer and phone at work, and play with my iPad after get off work. If you need a pair of ordinary glasses to wear on a daily basis, will the glasses need to adapt to different glasses, and it is not good to change them frequently. Or you don’t need to wear anti-blue light glasses at all, just wear ordinary glasses?

In the current Internet age, technology and electronic products such as mobile phones and computers are needed to promote the progress of the times. Our way of life requires these technological electronic products to connect with the world, and work needs to rely on the assistance of such electronic products to complete efficiently. High-tech electronic products have brought about the problem of blue light damage to the eyes, and the anti-blue light glasses that have emerged as the times require do have a certain effect on eye protection.
At the last party, I saw a friend wearing anti-blue light glasses to eat, and I couldn’t help reminding him that “you don’t need to wear anti-blue light glasses when you are not facing the computer or mobile phone at ordinary times.”
My friend said in surprise, "Really? I've never heard of it!"
Now, I guess that the person who uses anti-blue light glasses must not be just my friend. There are many people who wear anti-blue light glasses when going to the toilet, eating, chatting, and going out for a walk. There are many people who use anti-blue light glasses as myopia glasses.
So here comes the question, is it okay to wear anti-blue light glasses all the time? Will there be any side effects?
Anti-blue light glasses are obviously developed and designed to filter the blue light of electronic screens such as mobile phones and computers. Do you want to filter out the good blue light from the sun too?
We all know that after wearing anti-blue light glasses, because part of the blue light energy needs to be filtered out, the anti-blue light lenses appear a little yellowish, and the brightness and color accuracy of the colors we see will deviate. Everything we see has a yellowish background, and the brightness is not as bright as before, but dark.
Such chromatic aberration and dark images are accepted differently by each person. Some people start to feel sleepy within three or four hours after wearing anti-blue light glasses. Doesn't this hurt our eyes instead?
Wearing anti-blue light glasses when not facing the computer and mobile phone will be harmful. Especially for children and adolescents, the eyes have to adapt to different light stimuli during the development stage, so that the retina can be stimulated to develop and perfect. There are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple in natural light. Anti-blue light glasses filter the wavelength of blue light. The reduction of blue light will change the color of the seen objects. The normal development of retinal cells is affected by the lack of blue light color changes.
In the evolution of human beings, our physical development needs the stimulation of various wavelengths of sunlight, and the secretion of body hormones will also be stimulated by sunlight to present a diurnal secretion rhythm. Such as: melatonin, an important hormone we need to sleep, its secretion is also affected by light stimulation. Melatonin is secreted less during the day and more at night, forming a biological clock for us to work mentally during the day and sleep at night.
Scientific surveys have found that in the full spectrum, blue light has the greatest impact on the secretion of melatonin. Blue light can stimulate the pineal gland to inhibit the secretion of melatonin, so it is often difficult for us to fall asleep when playing with mobile phones at night.
Therefore, it is no problem to use it properly when facing the computer and mobile phone for a long time, but it is not recommended to wear it at all times.

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