Anti-blue light glasses for IT work

Anti-blue light glasses for IT work

Practitioners in the Internet industry suffer from two kinds of pain all year round: neck pain and eye pain. Because they face mobile phones and computers for a long time, occupational diseases will become more and more serious. Sometimes it may cause headaches and even cause adverse effects such as vision loss. Massage can be considered to relieve neck pain. For eye fatigue, consider wearing anti-fatigue and anti-blue light glasses to improve our eye environment.
Next, I will give you a popular science about the hazards of blue light and the skills of choosing glasses.
1. What is Blu-ray?
Blue light is an important component of visible light. Short-wave blue light can stimulate a kind of abnormal retinal in the retina, thereby increasing the toxin in the macular area of the eye, threatening our fundus health to a certain extent, and causing blindness.
Is short-wave blue light necessarily harmful to human eyes? This is actually related to the intensity and duration of the irradiation. When the illuminance reaches a certain level and lasts for more than three hours, it is possible to cause damage to the retina.
Of course, not all blue light is harmful. Blue light with a wavelength between 480-500 nanometers has the effect of constantly adjusting biological rhythms. Sleep, mood, and memory are all related to it, and it is beneficial to the human body.
2. Where does the blue light in daily life come from?
With the improvement of our intelligent living standards, blue light is almost everywhere. Computer monitors, mobile phone screens, LCD TVs, projectors, laser pointers, ambient lights, digital products, various LED displays, etc. will emit blue light. Blue light is ubiquitous in our daily life.
3. What are the specific hazards of blue light?
1. Eye fatigue
Due to the short wavelength of blue light, the gathering point is closer to the retina. If you watch for a long time, your eyes will always be in a state of tension, which will easily cause fatigue. Long-term visual fatigue may lead to deepening of myopia, lack of concentration, easy to read serially, and even cause headaches, which will affect work and efficiency.
2. Damage structure
Harmful blue light can cause the death of light-sensitive cells. This damage is irreversible and can lead to vision loss or even complete loss, especially for children's eyes. Children's developing eyes are relatively fragile. Parents must take strict precautions.
3. Can't sleep well
Who swipes their phone before going to bed, the more they play, the less they can fall asleep, and the more they play, the more energetic they become. The reason is that blue light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which is an important hormone that affects sleep. So stop playing with electronic products before going to bed. It would be better to have a beauty sleep earlier.
4. Are anti-blue light glasses useful?
The answer is useful. For people who face computers or mobile phones for a long time, it is very necessary to have a pair of anti-blue light glasses, but pay attention to the selection of anti-blue light glasses must have a blocking rate of about 30-50% of blue light to be effective anti-blue light glasses.
It is not that the higher the barrier rate is, the better. If the barrier rate is too high, the background color of the lens is relatively heavy, and it will cause visual fatigue when worn for a long time.
5. Two types of anti-blue light lenses that are common on the market
The base color tinted lens will have a slightly warmer vision when worn.
The surface-coated light orange lens has serious color cast when worn.
Base tinted lenses are recommended for everyday use. Lenses with too dark background are not suitable for long-term wear.

Reminder: You don’t need to wear anti-blue light glasses when you have nothing to do. It is best to wear anti-blue light glasses on weekdays, and pay attention to long hours of office work. You have to get up and walk around, take off your glasses and do eye exercises. Eyes are the windows of the soul and need to be taken care of~

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