Are Ray-Ban sunglasses good for running

Are Ray-Ban sunglasses good for running?

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In the previous article, we discussed “How much are vintage sunglasses worth?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are Ray-Ban sunglasses good for running?”.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are the world's top sunglasses brand. It is a symbol of high-end fashion. It can easily catch people's eyes on many world-class fashion shows. Ray-Ban sunglasses are not only fully guaranteed in terms of product quality, but the design of their frames is low-key gorgeous. Among them, Ray-Ban's typical Aviator Sunglasses are still in fashion and are very popular. When running, can we choose Ray-Ban sunglasses? However, Ray-Ban does not have sports glasses. When exercising, choosing suitable sports glasses according to the needs of sports is very important. So, why do we need to choose professional sports glasses for running?

Why are ordinary glasses not suitable for running?

A good pair of sunglasses will ensure you get the greatest visual enjoyment. When you are sweating profusely, you will find that there is a clear difference between ordinary sunglasses and running glasses. The heat from your body will fog a pair of ordinary sunglasses, and your sweat will cause ordinary sunglasses to slide or even fall. But the rubber non-slip nose pads of running glasses will ensure that your glasses stay firmly on your face. Even with vigorous activities, they will not slide. Recently, more and more high-end running glasses will add a vent between the lens and the frame, which makes wearing them cooler and more comfortable, to use, and makes the lens, not fog.

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Running sports glasses protect the eyes from UV rays.

During running, we may need to be exposed to the unobstructed outdoors for a period of time, so ultraviolet rays are everywhere around us.  Ophthalmologists said that ultraviolet light is an invisible spectrum, but it is not harmless if it is invisible. Ultraviolet rays have a short wavelength and high energy, and the effect is actually greater. If there is no good protection, ultraviolet rays enter the inside of the eye from the outside of the eye, from the cornea, pupil, to the lens, vitreous, retina, etc., there will be damages of various sizes. According to statistics, about 13 million people worldwide suffer from cataracts every year, 20% of which are caused by ultraviolet rays. Eye sun protection is an issue that everyone must pay attention to. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose professional outdoor sports sunglasses when running. Professional outdoor sports sunglasses use UV400 functional lenses, which block 0% ultraviolet rays. At the same time, professional sports lenses are used to resist impact and breakage to fully protect the eyes.(

Running sports glasses help adjust vision.

Running long distances under the scorching sun, some runners’ eyes will be stinging to open, or they low their head to run and even feel dizzy. I believe that many runners have such experience. This is because the dynamic visual acuity of the human eye when observing various conditions on the road and surroundings is much lower than when it is stationary. As the speed increases, the work of the eyes is more intense, the vision reduces obviously, and the field of vision (the range that the eyes can see) get narrower. Visible vision and the field of vision deteriorate with increasing speed. If the eyes and vision are not well protected, it will be difficult to cope with various situations and accidents will inevitably occur. At this time, we need a pair of sports glasses that can let us see comfortably, reduce brightness, and improve visual clarity. In this way, we will directly feel that the temperature has dropped, and we no longer work hard to look at things, and our body fatigue is reduced by more than half. Professional running glasses also provide a variety of laser lenses, so they can filter part of the glare so that the light entering the eyes is softer and the vision is clearer.

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