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How much are vintage sunglasses worth?

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How much are vintage sunglasses worth?

In the previous article, we discussed “If black color absorbs more heat, then why do we use black sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How much are vintage sunglasses worth?”.

Brands sunglasses will be more expensive.

The sunglasses price with good lens quality should not be too cheap. Good sunglasses in a physical store is commonly 200 yuan or above. Poor quality sunglasses are often uncomfortable when wearing, and they have color distortion. High-grade sunglasses belong to designer brands, whose shape, collocation, and fashion are the most cutting-edge and trendy. They have a fashionable style and relatively affordable price. Materials, frames of the high-grade sunglasses use pure titanium or titanium alloy, titanium, Z EX titanium. Some of these materials are used in medical fields, just like cardiac surgery, completely harmless. They are lighter than inferior sunglasses. They can be worn naturally, and the titanium alloy plating process is very good, The paint won't have any problems and there is no deformation.

Why are vintage sunglasses worth so much?

The brand has a comprehensive system of quality inspection, so the finished product will be carried out in a series of tests like the bridge of the nose deformation test, fatigue test, the lens retention test, the paint/oil adhesion test, artificial sweat test, corrosion test, QUV accelerated aging test, the welding strength test, high-temperature dimension stability tests. Therefore, the cost increased accordingly. The sunglasses have sun protection, UV protection, radiation, and other purposes. Sunglasses are needed to be able to achieve the anti-ultraviolet effect. The wavelength of ultraviolet is to be 380, so the most basic requirement of sunglasses is to be UV380 above. Usually, poor sunglasses can not achieve such an effect, so the damage to the eyes is greater. In outdoor places, especially in summer, the need to use sunglasses to block the sun is apparent, to reduce the fatigue or damage caused by eye adjustment or caused by strong light stimulation.

How much are vintage sunglasses worth?

Material purity, coating, light transmittance, optical effect are still different. Sunglasses, on the other hand, count as accessories, or as part of jewelry. Some brands charge for their designs, including endorsements, and so on. Under the brand effect, a pair of vintage glasses may cost more than 2,000 yuan or more, but if you don't buy them in places under the luxury brand, the price can vary greatly, even a few tens of yuan. Finally, some brands that make sunglasses are luxury brands themselves. Domestic Bolon, Helen Keller is professional glasses brands, rather than luxury, so their relative luxury frame glasses will be cheaper, but the quality is excellent. The difference in luxury brand quality is similar, and the big difference is in the design.

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