How can I prevent crazing on my eye glasses

How can I prevent crazing on my eyeglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “What metal finish would look best on sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How can I prevent crazing on my eyeglasses?”.

Causes of Cracking

The lens may be pressed in the process of transportation. The smaller the stress area of the lens, the thinner the edge of the lens, the worse the impact resistance of the lens. When impacted by an external force, the lens will naturally be squeezed and cause edge crack, especially for some lenses with a lower degree and higher refractive index, which is usually causing this phenomenon. If the frame is placed improperly and falls from a height, the edge of the lens will collide with the ground or hard objects, which will also produce a broken mouth. Improper use by wearers will also cause a lens edge cracking phenomenon, because the half-frame is a brushed frame, and the pile head of the mirror frame and the bridge of the nose are brushed joints. The drawing of the connecting mouth is thick, and the force on both sides is uneven. The pile head or the edge of the nose bridge connection on one side is squeezed with the lens, resulting in deformation of the frame.

Know about professional nursing knowledge

Check where you buy your glasses to see exactly what coatings are on them and which ones are of better quality and last longer. Maintain the service life of the frame. If the screw loose, the frame is unsoldered and other situations arise, please take it back to the optical shop for repair.

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Proper Storage of Glasses

Avoid twisting the frames and wearing them in hot places. Do not put in the heating room or the direct sunlight for a long time, because if the lens frame and heat contact for a long time, it will be easy to deform or fade. When you place glasses, pay attention to the lens. Some people always take off the glasses at random, if you do not pay attention to the lens, the lens will directly contact other special objects, so it is easy to leave a pattern on the lens. When folding glasses, most glasses should be gently folded from the left lens leg (the wearing surface as the standard). If they are hard folded from the right side, it will lead to imbalance, skew, and uncomfortable wearing.

Clean the glasses properly

Roughly reasons for dirty lenses can be divided into two categories. The first one is the grease produced by sweat or fingerprints. This can be directly cleaned with dry mirror glasses cloth, wet wipes. Dust contamination can produce a dirty lens, so you can wash the dust particles of the mirror with water first. You can not directly use glasses cloth, wet wipes to wipe, otherwise, it is very easy to produce rub lines, scratching the mirror. Do not use cloths or paper towels to wipe, and some people are used to using cloths or paper towels to wipe glasses. Usually, due to dust, or uneven paper towels, it is easy to leave patterns on the lens.

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