What metal finish would look best on sunglasses

What metal finish would look best on sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “What metals are the primary metals used in tinting sunglasses, and how thin are the metallic surfaces?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What metal finish would look best on sunglasses?”.

The copper and Zinc Alloy Frame

The main components are 64% copper, 18% zinc, and 18% nickel. The frame material is the cheapest and easy to process. Electroplating is mainly used for manufacturing hinge brackets, small parts and low-end frames, Zinc, white copper metal frames. The copper and zinc alloy of the domestic frame has a heavy copper ratio, so it is heavy, elastic, and easy to depleting and oxidize. The frame is oxidized to produce copper oxide. It's going to turn copper-green, affecting aesthetics.

High Nickel Alloy Frame

The nickel content is as high as 80%, mainly containing nickel-chromium alloy, manganese nickel alloy. The corrosion resistance of the high nickel alloy is better, in addition, the material elasticity is good. It is characterized by good elasticity, high hardness, solid welding point, good durability. The fine frame line is suitable for the tide.

Nickel-copper Alloy Frame

Monel alloy is a kind of corrosion-resistant alloy with the largest usage, the widest application, and excellent comprehensive properties. Nickel-copper alloy has good mechanical properties at room temperature and high-temperature strength, high corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, easy to process. It is non-magnetic, and it is a good structural material for the manufacture of traveling wave tubes and other electronic tubes. It can be used as the structural material of the aircraft engine nickel-copper alloy. In addition, it has manganese and another small amount of metal, and it is characterized by corrosion resistance, high strength, welding firm, used for the mid-range frame with the most materials.

Pure Titanium Frame

Titanium has a specific gravity of only 4.5, which is very corrosion-resistant, twice as strong as steel. And is used to make a space shuttle. Titanium is known as 'space metal' and does not have metal allergies. In the early stage, there were some problems such as difficult cutting and welding in titanium materials, but these problems have been gradually solved with the development of technology. The titanium frame is exceptionally light, about half the weight of the same type of frame, and can greatly reduce the pressure on the bridge of the nose. And the titanium metal frame has the advantages of superelasticity and never deformation. In addition, the titanium metal frame has good chemical stability. Very corrosion resistant, it is not easy to be eroded by sewage. It will not cause skin allergy, so long-term use can make it as bright as new.

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