Can wearing a face mask or sunglasses hide our emotions?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What is trending in women's sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Can wearing a face mask or sunglasses hide our emotions?”.

In a certain sense, wearing sunglasses can indeed reduce unnecessary trouble or avoid various accidents. But from a psychological point of view, wearing sunglasses also has some disadvantages. It is not conducive to interpersonal communication. Sometimes, it may bring a negative impact to the opposite party, and it will bring psychological discomfort to other people. Some people even say that it is more useful for women to wear sunglasses when they go out than to wear a bodyguard.

Create a false sense of security

Wearing glasses will turn people’s eyes into the darkness. The darkness gives people the illusion of concealing their true identity and information. And this concealment will inevitably induce selfish and immoral behavior. This is indeed the case. Wearing sunglasses will give people a false sense of security, and make people mistakenly believe that their identity is hidden, so there will be some deviant behaviors.(

Wearing Sunglasses blocks eye contact

People often say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and human emotions need to be conveyed through the eyes. In a relationship, if you talk to someone wearing sunglasses, the opposite party can not see your eyes, which is as if the window is closed with a curtain. When others can't see your eyes, they can't see your emotions in your eyes. They don't know what you are thinking, and they are unwilling to communicate closely with you.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

When dealing with people, eye contact is the most natural and effective way. Moreover, when communicating, the eyes of both parties should not look at each other for more than ten seconds at a time. If you look at each other for more than ten seconds or stare at each other, it will make the other party's psychology feel panic. Wearing sunglasses, others do not know whether you are watching him, this will not only make the other person uncomfortable but also reduce your affinity and credibility. In this way, sincere communication cannot be carried out.

Increase the communicative distance

We can find that wearing sunglasses not only has a sense of mystery but also has a deterrent effect. However, if you want to communicate better with people, don't wear sunglasses for the sake of being cool. The disadvantages of wearing sunglasses are obvious and can alienate the distance of interpersonal communication. In short, you have to realize what kind of psychological hint that wearing sunglasses is to others.  Otherwise, Otherwise, it will not reach your expected result. Of course,  wearing sunglasses can make you mighty when negotiating accounts, or resolving disputes.

No matter you wear a face mask or sunglasses, your facial expressions will be hidden by them. Certainly, wearing sunglasses can make you cool and protect your eyes. However, it is not a way for you to wear sunglasses when you are communicating with people sincerely. Sometimes, when you are wearing sunglasses in a talk, you will bring a bad impression to others who think you don’t want anyone to know your real thoughts.

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