What factors influence the price of women's sunglasses?

What factors influence the price of women's sunglasses?

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Cost of brand

For the same pair of polarized sunglasses lenses, domestic brands only need less than 500, while the price of big brands is more than 1000, which is the difference between brands. In fact, the difference between the two materials is very small. It's all about the investment you spend on the brand, which you don't see. Big brand glasses not only do print ads, but also many Internet ads. They ask big stars to speak for them, and they are named in famous movies. In addition to its excellent quality, it is more important that through years of brand marketing, there has been a culture of eyewear, rather than just sunshade sunglasses.

Design and development

Women's sunglasses from big brands are personal and stylish. It makes people wear it with a sense of nobility and comfort. It is inseparable from the efforts of many excellent designers. And such an excellent product can not be designed at one time. It needs to spend a lot of manpower, time, and money on research and development, which also has a great impact on the price.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Frame price difference

It is mainly used in materials and workmanship. Good workmanship process is also very complex, and expensive glasses will have some unique designs in them. There are independent design departments, some even need to manually make carving, so costs will be higher. Good brands pay a lot of attention to materials and processing. It looks the same but the comfort, the durability of the flexible glasses can make a big difference. And the cost of quality material, often several times even dozens of times higher than the material of inferior quality.

Technology affects sunglasses prices

Different types of sunglasses use different techniques. For example, ordinary lenses do not need to go through a complex process. Directly slice polishing sealant, you can match the glasses, the price is natural and affordable. But if it is the progressive color or reflective sunglasses, it needs to go through the coating, dyeing, and another relatively complex process. Some lenses are also plated with waterproof film, hardening film, etc. As a result of these processes, the final sunglasses will be more expensive than the others.

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