What are the best polarized sunglasses?

What are the best polarized sunglasses?

What are the lenses of polarized sunglasses made of?

The polarized sunglasses can be divided into glass polarized sunglasses, resin polarized sunglasses, TAC lens polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses, because of their polarized properties, can completely block glare caused by scattering, bending, reflection, and other factors. At the same time, it can completely block the ultraviolet light that is harmful to human eyes, so that people's eyes are not easy to get tired when they are in long-term activities under strong light, achieving the function of real protection, and making the things you see more clearly, three-dimensional.

The applicable situation of Polarized sunglasses

Some colors are still necessary for travel in the case of haze days. It is also suitable for scuba diving enthusiasts. Some colors effectively filter the light blue glare reflected between the water and the sky, making them ideal for beach or water sports. It is suitable for wearing in the strong sunlight environment, so the lens is very suitable for outdoor activities like driving in the hot sun to go fishing. Or some color polarizers can be used as filters, or hunters can use them when they're hunting.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Features of polarized sunglasses

Although polarized lenses can filter out many irregular light interferences and avoid the occurrence of blinding and dazzling phenomena, if the arc bending of the lens itself cannot show the optical standard refractive state, the polarized light effect will be weakened, affecting the image authenticity, and the durability is poor. The common polarized sunglasses on the market are made of fiber clip polarized film. They are different from optical glass polarized sunglasses because of their soft texture and unstable arc bending. After the lens is framed, it is difficult for the lens to reach the optical refractive standard and the image is loose and deformed. Due to the instability of arc bending, the lens is deformed, which directly leads to the poor clarity of the translucent junction, image distortion, without the normal optical effect. And the surface is easy to scratch and wear, not durable.

The role of polarized sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses provide another mechanism for eye protection. The reflected light of asphalt is a special kind of polarized light. The difference between this reflected light and light directly from the sun or from any artificial source is a matter of order. Polarized light is made up of waves that vibrate all in one direction, but ordinary light is made up of waves that vibrate not in one direction. It was like a group of people walking at random in disorder and a group of soldiers marching in orderly steps, forming a sharp contrast.



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