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Intraocular Refractive Surgery

In the previous article, we discussed “Myopia Surgery: What You Should Know". In this article, let’s talk about “Intraocular Refractive Surgery”.

Many friends hope to get rid of the trouble of wearing glasses through myopia surgery. We know that myopia surgery is mainly divided into two categories, corneal refractive surgery and intraocular refractive surgery. No matter what type of myopia surgery you choose, any surgery has certain risks. Therefore, before deciding to have myopia surgery, it is particularly important to understand myopia surgery carefully and to recognize your own eye condition. Today, we intend to discuss intraocular refractive surgery.

ICL implantation

When light enters the eye, it passes through the refraction of the cornea and lens, and finally focuses on the retina. Therefore, the refractive state of the cornea and lens will affect the degree of the eye. In ICL implantation, a special lens is installed in front of the lens to correct the degree and remove the glasses.

The so-called ICL is "implantable contact lens". ICL implant surgery is to put a special contact lens into your eye through surgery. The method of surgery is relatively simple. Just make a small incision on the edge of the cornea, and then install the ICL in front of the lens itself. Usually it can be completed in a few minutes without stitching, and basically does not affect daily life. And if there is a problem, it can be taken out.

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Advantages of implant surgery

First of all, it is to install the lens inside the eye to eliminate the difference in the object image inside, and the visual quality will be better (compared to the frame glasses). Secondly, because laser surgery needs to cut the cornea, there will be requirements for the thickness of the cornea, especially for patients with high degrees of myopia. Therefore, ICL is more suitable for patients with high myopia and thin cornea. Thirdly, due to the small incision of ICL surgery, the corneal damage is also very small. Therefore, compared with patients who have undergone laser surgery, the risk of dry eye after surgery is also lower.

Risks of ICL implant surgery

After all, there is no perfect thing in this world. Let's take a look at the risks of ICL implant surgery. First of all, ICL implant surgery is an internal eye surgery, because it is to put something into the eye. In theory, there is a risk of intraocular infection, but the probability of occurrence should be very low. Secondly, because the implanted lens is installed in front of the lens, it may interfere with the metabolism of the own lens, leading to the premature occurrence of cataracts. Again, it may also cause increased intraocular pressure, night glare, and so on. Finally, compared with laser surgery, ICL implant surgery is more expensive, and postoperative review and precautions are more complicated.

Any surgery has certain risks, and myopia surgery is no exception, but it is generally safe. If you really want to take off your glasses and avoid all the troubles of wearing glasses, refractive surgery is a good choice. If you want to "cure" myopia with a "stab", you are out of misunderstanding about myopia surgery and you must think twice. For myopia patients, the prevention and control of myopia is particularly important. Don't think that myopia surgery can cure myopia and ignore the prevention and control of myopia. Regardless of whether you choose to wear glasses or choose surgery, it is necessary to pay attention to myopia control. For parents, it is very important to pay attention to myopia control during the period of the fastest development of myopia in their children, that is, between the ages of 6 and 18.

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