How Sunglasses Should Fit-2

How Sunglasses Should Fit

In the previous article, we discussed “Where do you get Bronze-Tinted sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How Sunglasses Should Fit”.

Looks With Dark Sunglasses

Sunglasses with dark lenses are freer in the use of diamond-encrusted craftsmanship, classic large-frame styles, or metal frames due to the texture and color of the bottom. Besides, it is ideal to choose sunglasses made of dark polarized lenses when engaging in outdoor activities such as diving and fishing. Because the polarized lenses can make the light beam entering the eyes softly in the same direction. Also, the polarized lenses eliminate the interference of external light so that you can see more clearly. Furthermore, dark sunglasses are retro and very practical when matching different styles.

Casual Clothing

People think the person who is wearing dark sunglasses is not easy-going. So you should not wear too formal and dark-colored clothing when wearing dark sunglasses. For example, you should not wear a suit with dark sunglasses, which will make people think about the gang boss and his bodyguards in the movie. ?Therefore, I recommend wearing casual sportswear with dark sunglasses. Also, women can use lace, bows, and other clothing details to reconcile the toughness and heaviness of dark sunglasses. In terms of clothing color, do not choose too dark colors. Light-colored clothing is more suitable. In addition, dark sunglasses can well cover up the shortcomings of the eyes. If you have some problems with puffy eyes and bloodshot eyes, dark sunglasses can help you with them.

Soft Makeup

Dark sunglasses have the effect of accentuating facial contours. If you are with too heavy makeup, it will increase the sense of distance. Therefore, the makeup should be softer and more feminine, to increase the affinity. And then, the soft makeup and dark sunglasses have a contrast. For example, nude makeup is very popular this year. It is suitable for wearing dark sunglasses, but smoky makeup is not. However, if your face is flat, you also can use dark glasses to enhance your facial lines.

Hair Style

First of all, you must clarify what hairstyle is suitable for you. For example, people who would like to be more classical can pull up their hair and use dark sunglasses to create a retro look of Audrey Hepburn. Spreading the curled hair and putting the sunglasses on your hair casually, will be very romantic and feminine. In terms of hair color, dark-colored glasses are all-match. You can just choose hair color according to personal temperament.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Looks With Light-colored Sunglasses

Light-colored sunglasses will make people look simple and elegant.

Easy-to-fit Clothing

Recently, light brown, sugar yellow, champagne gold sunglasses are very popular. They are perfect matched with white or skin color clothing, simple jeanswear, and sportswear. But if the clothing has a lot of colors, you should choose the main color as sunglasses color. In addition, if you wear blue clothes, do not wear pink sunglasses. Such color matching is very discordant. And Blue sunglasses are not recommended. Because blue sunglasses will make you look bad no matter what clothes you wear.

Natural Makeup

Wearing light-colored sunglasses, the makeup must not be too much. This season's popular makeup is originally light makeup, which is a natural and fresh nude makeup style. The most important point after wearing sunglasses is to emphasize eyelashes. Brush the eyelashes black mascara carefully and meticulously. Enhance the look of the eyes by strengthening the texture of the eyelashes.

Dark Hair

The most popular this year is dark black hair with gray-purple sunglasses, which are full of mystery. If you have neat and simple black short hair, wearing light-colored sunglasses is a good choice. 

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