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Why do bodyguards and Secret Service agents wear sunglasses?

By :Koalaeye 0 comments
Why do bodyguards and Secret Service agents wear sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Which one is better, polarized or UV protection sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why do bodyguards and Secret Service agents wear sunglasses?”.

One of the Commonly Used Equipment

Sunglasses are often worn by people engaged in the Secret Service, bodyguard industry. The presidential bodyguards are equipped with the most advanced weapons. Currently, the standard-level equipment is a Sig Sauer P229 pistol and a semi-automatic UZI machine gun. The machine gun is light and compact, easy to hide in a jacket. They are also equipped with a communications network to keep in constant contact with headquarters and colleagues. The bodyguards wear earphones with secure communications equipment. In addition, in addition to daily attendance, sunglasses are also significant, the uniform sunglasses make them more eye-catching.

To protect their eyes

Wearing sunglasses can protect them from windy weather and sunshine (especially traffic police and police officers who need to stand guard patrol). Wearing sunglasses in the outdoor with goggles is still very common, to protect eyesight, and ensure the effectiveness of work---people will have the nature to squint in the face of strong light, which may lead to limited vision, reduced resolution; Meanwhile, during the mission, they may use some non-lethal weapons, such as the bright light grenades, tear gas, so that the sunglasses can protect their eyes.

To disguise themselves and deter the enemy

Secret service bodyguards wear sunglasses at night because they don't want others to see their eyes, to prevent others from seeing their eye movements. They can observe anyone without concealment, without attracting attention from others. It can as well frighten some evil people. The eyes under the sunglasses see anyone making an 'unnatural' move, and the bodyguard can quickly take control of him and searches him.

Special Security Function

Usually, the bodyguard sunglasses will be placed in a silvery-white metal box, and the box still needs to put in a seemingly MP4 electronic equipment, the electronic device. After that device connecting with sunglasses by special means, the sunglasses will play their role. The glasses can make close observation of things over a long distance, and to look into the situation of record in silver electronic equipment. The information is then transmitted to the security command center on time. At the same time, these special sunglasses are able to take pictures, make sound and video recordings, to record the scene for the later record.

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