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How to take care of your sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why do Secret Service agents wear dark sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How to take care of your sunglasses?"

For myopic patients, glasses are an indispensable part of daily life. Then, scientifically clean and reasonable use is very important so that the glasses have a longer service life. So how to take care of your sunglasses to prolong the service life of glasses?.

Scientifically Wipe The Lenses

For a pair of glasses, the most important thing is the lens. It is especially important to ensure that the lens can be scientifically cleaned every day. But I believe that many people's habit of cleaning lenses is not very good. Sometimes, it may be easy to pick up a paper towel to wipe it. Although the paper towel looks very soft, the spectacle lens is a very precise optical device after all. Randomly wiping with paper towels will inevitably cause some scratches, or damage the coating on the lens. Wearing glasses with scratched lenses will affect eyesight. When wiping the lens, use a special glasses cloth. The texture of the glasses cloth should be slender and soft, so as to ensure that the lenses and lenses are not damaged during the wiping and cleaning process.(

Regular deep cleaning

Daily wiping and cleaning can remove stains on the surface of the lens. But between the lens and the frame, there are some details like the lens holder, the frame screws, etc. It is very difficult to clean these details just by wiping. If you are wearing branded glasses, most brands will have deep cleaning after-sales service. It is recommended to send the glasses for cleaning regularly. Of course, you can also go to the optical shop for deep cleaning. Of course, a certain fee may be charged.

In fact, optical shops generally use ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning glasses. At present, there are many small ultrasonic cleaners selling for individual users on the market, and the prices are generally acceptable. You can also choose to buy a small ultrasonic cleaner yourself so that you can do deep cleaning of your glasses from time to time. Combined with daily wiping and cleaning, you can clean and maintain your glasses from the inside out so that your glasses can serve you for a longer time.

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Develop good usage habits

In addition to cleaning, the daily use and storage of glasses should also be paid attention to. When wearing glasses and taking off glasses, try to do it with both hands, so as to ensure that the frame is evenly stressed and not easily deformed. Take off the glasses and try to keep the glasses flat. At the same time, it is necessary to develop the habit of storing them in the glasses case in time. Don't put it casually because it will easily cause the deformation of the glasses. You may not be able to see these distortions with the naked eye, but in a subtle way, your lenses will also be slightly deformed, so that you will feel that the degree of your glasses is 'inaccurate' and you have to change a pair of glasses.

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