Why are prescription sunglasses so much more pricey than prescription glasses

Why are prescription sunglasses so expensive?

In the previous article, we discussed “How to get prescription lenses in my sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why are prescription sunglasses so expensive?“.

Sunglasses are the hot item of the fashion circle. And they are a must-have for many entertainers to match their styles because sunglasses tend to have more fashionable elements than ordinary glasses. But generally, sunglasses are of the flat-gloss design, which is inconvenient for many myopic friends to wear. In order to make more myopia people wear sunglasses, a kind of myopic sunglasses that combines myopia lenses and sunglasses has appeared. Is this kind of sunglasses good?

What are prescription sunglasses?

Patients with refractive errors should choose prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are specially formulated according to the refraction of the wearer after optometry. People with good eyesight do not need to choose prescription sunglasses. Only those with refractive errors or presbyopia need prescription sunglasses. This kind of lens is not plain but can correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia. Because these glasses need to be worn all day, both indoors and outdoors, color-changing lenses are used. There is no obvious difference in style between prescription sunglasses and normal sunglasses. But for lenses, there are bifocal lenses, focal progressive lenses, and presbyopic lenses. Prescription sunglasses can be made of a variety of materials, such as high refractive index materials, polycarbonate, plastic (CR-39), or glass. The first two materials are better and are used the most.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Combine myopia glasses and sunglasses

Under normal circumstances, sunglasses are flat and will not cause damage to the eyes. The lenses of myopia glasses are all concave lenses, which have a certain refractive power so that the image can be clear. Combining the two lenses, the lenses with power are dyed through a special process to make myopic sunglasses. This kind of lenses can not only correct vision but also achieve the purpose of shading. Lenses are very important for myopia sunglasses. First of all, you can choose resin lenses, and then consider the color. The filtering effect of light color is small, while the dark color will affect eyesight. Generally speaking, gray and brown lenses are more suitable.

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Merit and demerit of myopia sunglasses

There are many colors to choose from dyed sunglasses, but it should be noted that lenses of tea, gray, light green, and other colors are more suitable. However, the light transmittance of this kind of lens is lower than that of ordinary myopia glasses, and it is easy to increase eye fatigue, which in turn affects vision. Therefore, to wear dyed glasses, it is best to prepare a pair of ordinary glasses for myopia when indoors. Another point is that most of these glasses are not precision-fitted and cannot meet every feature, so discomfort may occur when wearing them.

If myopia patients really need myopia sunglasses that can block strong light and ultraviolet rays, they can consider the hospital to fit color-changing lenses. The lens is almost transparent indoors, and the color will gradually darken in the sun. Compared with color-changing sunglasses, its perspective rate, adaptability range, and lens quality are better. Professional medical optometry glasses can also make the fitted glasses more suitable.

What are the types of myopia sunglasses?

There are two common types of myopia sunglasses that combine myopia glasses and sunglasses. One is dyed sunglasses, which are made by dyeing glasses with power. By dyeing ordinary myopic lenses, the light can be blocked. Another is color-changing sunglasses. A photosensitive material silver halide is added to the lenses, and the color of the lenses will change with the intensity and temperature of the light, thereby filtering the light.

Prescription Sunglasses are more expensive?

In terms of labor and cost, the design and cost of prescription sunglasses are more expensive than non-prescription sunglasses. On the premise of protecting eyes, please go to official websites and shops to buy.

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