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How to get prescription lenses in my sunglasses?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Are blue sunglasses bad for your eyes?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How to get prescription lenses in my sunglasses?”.

Sunglasses are the hot item of the fashion circle. And they are a must-have for many entertainers to match their styles because sunglasses tend to have more fashionable elements than ordinary glasses. But generally, sunglasses are of the flat-gloss design, which is inconvenient for many myopic friends to wear. In order to make more myopia people wear sunglasses, a kind of myopic sunglasses that combines myopia lenses and sunglasses has appeared. Is this kind of sunglasses good?

Prescription Sunglasses

The appearance of myopic sunglasses allows myopic people to wear sunglasses directly. However, not all myopia people can wear myopia sunglasses. It is determined to your myopia degree. The degree of myopia sunglasses should not be too high, otherwise, the lenses will be too thick, which will make the sunglasses inaesthetic. Compared with ordinary myopia glasses, the lens perspective rate of myopia sunglasses is lower, especially indoors, which will increase eye fatigue and affect vision. While pursuing the fashion and beauty of wearing sunglasses, the quality of sunglasses is also very important. Myopia sunglasses must be able to resist reflection and glare very well, especially for drivers. If the myopia sunglasses are not good at resisting reflection and glare, it is difficult to see the road ahead clearly.(

How do myopic people wear sunglasses?

First of all, myopia people can wear contact lenses when wearing sunglasses. After correcting vision, choose sunglasses according to your preferences. If you don’t want to wear sunglasses, you also can use sunglasses clips or sets of lenses. Sunglasses clips need to be clamped on the glasses for use. When walking under the sun, as long as the lenses of sunglasses clips are turned down to cover the glasses, it can play a role in shielding the sun's rays. The sets of mirrors are to add a pair of sunglasses that match the size of the frame to cover the frame glasses. The sets of mirrors are fixed on the frame by a magnet. They look beautiful but also increases the weight of the glasses. Myopia people can also customize a pair of myopic sunglasses for themselves. To adapt to different intensities of light, they can choose color-changing lenses. This kind of lenses can quickly and evenly change the color of the lenses with the change of ultraviolet rays. It will become very dark in the sun, and the lenses will become almost colorless when entering the room.

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The Importance Of Frame

Usually, many people choose the frames in the optical stores and pick the one which makes them look good. In fact, this is very imprecise. The frame is the basic part of the whole pair of glasses. Actually, people with different refractive properties have different principles in choosing frames. However, many optical shop owners are not professional, and they tend to restock the frames according to the price and the styles which are hot-sell. If you wear an unsuitable spectacle frame, even if you feel comfortable, you find that your degree rises quickly over time.

Everyone must know that the skeletal structure of different people is different. Therefore, the height of the nose pads, the size of the frame, the length and curvature of the temples are all different. Wearing the wrong frame will fail to have a positive effect, and possibly the normal performance of the lens will not work. Over time, it is extremely harmful to the eyes! At the same time, different luminosity is suitable for different frames. You can choose the half-frame, full-size, and frameless according to optometry. Therefore, when you wear glasses, please don't choose fashionable sunglasses just for you like.

The above is the introduction of myopia sunglasses. When choosing myopia sunglasses, you must not just focus on fashion and beauty, but forget the quality of the glasses. KoalaEye, as a new brand of eyewear, has good-quality myopia sunglasses. If myopia people are interested in myopia sunglasses, they can log on to the official website of KoalaEye to learn more.

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