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What tint colors are most useful for cycling sunglasses?

By :Koalaeye 0 comments
What tint colors are most useful for cycling sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Should you wear sunglasses while cycling?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What tint colors are most useful for cycling sunglasses?”.

Most cyclists ride on the road and feel that the road reflects more sunlight than the muddy ground. Since the rider spends more time looking directly at the road, it will receive more UV reflections. Cataracts can be caused by absorbing UV rays in the eyes for a long time. Cycling glasses can greatly protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, and effectively reduce the impact of foreign bodies and sand on the eyes. The following five types of lenses can solve visual problems for riders.

Gray Plated With Red Lenses

The color seen through these lenses is blue, the lenses can reduce the light entering the eye but will not affect the visual clarity. These lenses can achieve the effect of light absorption and no reflection and are suitable for riding, boating, fishing, and other sports under strong light.(

Gray Plated Mercury Lenses

The perspective rate of gray-plated mercury lenses is %, which effectively reduces the light intensity and provides excellent visual effects. After using the lenses, the original color of the scene can still be clearly distinguished. They are the most comfortable and suitable lenses for various sports.

Transparent Lenses

The perspective rate of transparent lenses is 64%. The main function of transparent lenses is to protect the eyes from foreign objects. You can wear the transparent lenses for night exercises, which can effectively prevent wind and mosquitoes, and other foreign objects from flying into the eyes.

Yellow Brightening Lenses

The perspective rate of yellow brightening lenses is 63%. The light yellow lenses have the most obvious effect of absorbing blue light, enhance the contrast, do not dazzle the eyes, and make the natural scene more clear. They are suitable for use in the dusk, night, early morning, foggy, rainy, and other environments. However, they are forbidden to use under the scorching sun and strong light.

Gray Polarized Lenses

Grey polarized lenses have the main function of 0% UV protection. They can effectively eliminate and filter out the scattered light in the beam, make the scene look soft and not dazzling, suitable for a strong reflective sunlight environment.

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