Is wearing sunglasses while cycling ok

Should you wear sunglasses while cycling?

In the previous article, we discussed “How do I select sports sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Should you wear sunglasses while cycling?”.

Occasionally, there are riding friends wearing ordinary sunglasses on the road. Although these sunglasses can make the light not so dazzling, I am afraid that they don’t have many other functions. During riding on the road, you must wear special riding glasses. Only professional riding glasses can provide effective protection. This kind of protection is not only as simple as keeping the strong light from glare.

What are cycling glasses?

Cycling glasses can also be called goggles. The design of cycling glasses must be streamlined, which can reduce wind resistance, fit the brow bone and face more closely, and have a better windproof effect. Also, they can reduce the intrusion of dust on the eyes, prevent the infestation of small insects, and improve the safety factor during riding. In this way,  you can concentrate on watching the road conditions. Cycling glasses are usually equipped with multiple sets of lenses, which can be used in various environments. When the ultraviolet rays are strong, use polarized lenses or UV400 lenses. Use transparent lenses in fog and rain, use light-enhancing lenses at night, and use colorful lenses for skiing. The lenses can be transformed quickly according to the weather and environment.(

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What are the benefits of riding a bicycle with wearing sunglasses?

A good pair of sunglasses will ensure riders get the greatest visual enjoyment. If it is mountain biking that raises the adrenaline level, when you are sweating profusely, you will find that there is a clear difference between ordinary sunglasses and cycling glasses. The heat emitted by your body will fog a pair of ordinary sunglasses and your sweat will cause ordinary sunglasses to slide or even fall. But the rubber non-slip nose pads of the cycling glasses will ensure that your glasses stay firmly on your face, and will not slide even with more vigorous activities. Recently, more and more high-end cycling glasses will add vents between the lens and the frame so that they are much cooler and more comfortable to wear and there is no fog on the lenses. In addition to protecting your glasses from ultraviolet rays and other flying objects, cycling glasses are cleverly made of polarized lenses, which are anti-fog, waterproof, anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-shatter, and anti-impact. Typically, cycling glasses have an aerodynamic arc, which can completely fit your face, increase your peripheral vision and provide all-around protection for your eyes. This ultra-lightweight and durable frame is also specially designed for use in conjunction with wearing a helmet.

How to choose cycling glasses?

To choose a suitable pair of cycling glasses, many factors need to be considered. One of the most important factors is the color of the lens. Colorless lenses are suitable for low-light or night riding. Yellow lenses are ideal for foggy or gray weather. Red or orange lenses are the best overall, which can make the surrounding terrain more clear. For cycling enthusiasts, the top cycling glasses with replaceable lenses allow you to change the color of the lenses at will according to different light and weather conditions. If you go out, it is better to choose professional bicycle glasses, which will better protect your eyes.

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