What glasses to wear if you have a big nose

What glasses to wear if you have a big nose?

In the previous article, we discussed “How often will I need new prescription glasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What glasses to wear if you have a big nose?”.

The big nose is suitable for wearing glasses with frames and large lenses, which can prevent people from staring at the nose, thereby distracting attention and achieving the effect of modifying the facial features. In addition, the color of the glasses can be lighter or similar to the skin color. For example, silver glasses will make the skin whiter and weaken the shortcomings of a big nose. Do not choose the nose bridge that is too tight or too wide for the big nose, otherwise, it will make the nose look short.

How to choose glasses for big noses?

The big nose is suitable for wearing glasses with a frame and a larger lens, and the color of the frame should not be too dark so that the focus can be transferred to the glasses or other places, and the disadvantage of the too big nose will not be highlighted. However, when choosing glasses, in addition to considering the big nose, you also need to look at the shape of the face, the lens, the material of the glasses, etc. After a comprehensive selection, you will look good with the glasses.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/eyeglasses)

Which lens is better for big nose glasses?

1. Resin lens

The resin lens is recommended for the big nose. Its light transmittance is very good, and the weight is relatively light, which will not cause too much burden on the nose. Also, the surface of the lens is easy to clean. However, it is not suitable for people with high myopia, because the lens will be very thick.

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2. PC lens

The light transmittance is medium to upper, the refractive index is high, and the yellowing rate is relatively low. The lens is not easy to damage the eyes, but it is easier to wear. The hardness of the lens is average and they are suitable for younger people.

3. Glass lens

The advantages of the lens of this material are that the price is very cheap, the light transmittance is acceptable, and the thickness is very thin. The big nose is very suitable, but it is relatively fragile, not suitable for children.

What glasses to wear if you have a big nose?

Big nose recommends choosing frames made of plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy, and tungsten carbon. Among them, the plate frame will be very fashionable and has a memory effect. It is easy to match, and the big nose can look more personalized. Aluminum-magnesium alloy material will be more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. If the big nose secretes more grease, this material is most suitable. Tungsten carbon will be very light and flexible so that it will not bring pressure to the big nose, so it is also suitable.

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