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How often should you get new prescription glasses?

How often should you get new prescription glasses? The answer is one to three years. Optometrists recommend replacing your glasses everyone one to three years. This can be shorter depending on the condition of your lenses or any changes in prescription.
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In the previous article, we discussed “What eyeglass frames are in style for 2021?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How often should you get new prescription glasses?”.

Everything has a service life, and so do frames and lenses. If you continue to use it beyond the deadline, it is likely to cause a decrease in vision and accelerate myopia. Medical optometry is required for fitting spectacles, and the spectacles need to be replaced on time, otherwise, there will be certain injuries. So, how often do prescription glasses need to be replaced?

Why do prescription glasses need to be replaced?

The surface of the optical lens will be worn to a certain extent during use. The resin lens can absorb ultraviolet rays, but at the same time, the lens is also aging and yellowing. These factors will affect the transmittance. According to the light transmission law of the lens, the light transmission rate of a brand new lens is 98%, it is 93% after one year, and it is 88% after two years. With the change of age, the environment and degree of eye use are different, and the refractive state of the human eye is also changing. Therefore, it is necessary to go to an optometrist every year. It’s worth noting that the prescription for optometry is valid for 18 months. Moreover, The accessories of the glasses are not set once and for all. It is necessary to replace the aging accessories every 3 months to half a year.

How often should you replace your glasses?

It is generally recommended to use a pair of frames for 2 years, which is under the situation that the overall balance of the frame is accurate, and there is no excessive wear and damage. If there is a change in the refractive power during the re-examination of the eyesight, the glasses need to be replaced in time. Also, the lens does not have an accurate concept of the use time. The good lenses can even be used for 2-3 years, while the poor ones may be replaced in 2 months. Sometimes, due to changes in the vision of the eyes, it is necessary to replace the lenses in time. If the lenses are aged, not clear enough, or have obvious scratches, the lenses also need to be changed.(

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Adult myopia patients change glasses every two years

The normal service life of ordinary resin lenses is about one and a half years. During this process, the glasses will wear and produce different degrees of scratches, which will obviously affect the optical correction performance of the lenses and will cause the low light transmittance of the glasses. In this case, ?the glasses cause inconvenience of vision and deepen myopia. Especially the lens must be replaced in time if there are scratches. So we suggest that adult myopia patients should change their glasses every two years.

Teenagers with myopia change glasses every six months to a year

Adolescents use their eyes at peak times, and their degrees change very quickly. Due to the long-term use of eyes at close distance, ciliary muscle adjustment spasm will occur, and myopia is particularly easy to deepen. Young people who study nervously and overuse their eyes need scientific optometry once every six months. If the glasses are no longer suitable for changes in the refractive power of myopia, they should change their glasses as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is not only easy to cause the deepening of myopia, but also affects academic performance.

The reading glasses of the elderly need to be replaced regularly

Presbyopia is caused by the presbyopia of the lens. As people’s age increases, the degree of aging of the eye lens increases, and the lens power also increase accordingly to meet the needs of the daily life of the elderly. However, because of the slow growth of presbyopia, there is no strict requirement on the replacement time of presbyopic glasses. However, when the elderly wear glasses to read newspapers, read books, etc., they are struggling and the eyes are sore and uncomfortable, they should also replace the presbyopic glasses.

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