What are your favorite Oakley sunglasses and why

The Best Oakley Sunglasses Of 2021

In the previous article, we discussed “What is the price of Gucci sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “The Best Oakley Sunglasses Of 2021”.

Jawbreaker Prizm Road Riding Sunglasses

Jawbreaker Prizm is a classic Oakley sport sunglasses with Prizm lenses for road riding. The unique design of the upper edge of the lens expands the field of view by nearly 44 percent compared to regular sunglasses. HDO high-resolution optical technology provides clearer vision. And Iridium lens coating blocks bright light, reduces heat radiation, and recolors the surrounding environment. The lenses have three air holes through which the heat emitted by the human body escapes during cycling, preventing the creation of fog. The Switchlock technology is used at the frame, which is removable, convenient to replace or clean the lens.

Oakley Juliet Iridium

Oakley is another classic masterpiece after Oakley Romeo, which is designed on the principle of architectural structure and made with precision hogweed technology, and is favored by world-class athletes. The frame is made of X Metal's low-sensitivity Metal with excellent elasticity, which makes the frame lighter and more comfortable. The optical precision and accuracy of Plutonite lenses, tested by ANSI Z87.1, reflect harsh light, enhance contrast and provide heat insulation. They have functions of 0% UV, and harmful blue light protection. The replaceable nose pad is suitable for everyone.

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Wind Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses

36% light transmittance is suitable for wearing under moderate light intensity conditions. Prizm lens technology is paired with the Advancer nose bridge to block light and fog. HDO high-resolution optical technology allows a clearer vision, having a coating of Iridium lenses that blocks bright light, so they provide 0% UV protection, reduces heat radiation, and restores the color of the surrounding environment.

Oakley Field Jacket Cycling Glasses

Wear it to look at the sun outside. It is very clear, so the Prizm lens is really good. It can withstand the toughest, most bumpy bike rides thanks to impact and scratch-resistant materials. And the nose clip was designed to dissipate heat, allowing cold air to pass behind the lens to avoid fogging during high-intensity exercise. It solves the Asian nose pad problem and you can adjust the nose pad to fit the height of the bridge of the nose without any looseness so it's completely compatible with the Asian face shape.

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