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What is the price of Gucci sunglasses?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What’s so special about Oakley eyewear?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What is the price of Gucci sunglasses?”.

Gucci sunglasses is an Italian fashion brand that has since expanded its product line and is known for its brand image as 'a symbol of status and wealth'.Always walk in the front end of the international trend. So how much do these designer sunglasses usually cost?

Different categories have different prices.

The famous brand sunglasses on the world at present have four kinds of types: Category A is original factory trade, and they are frames imported through authorized agents of brand owners. Quality is first-class to have the guarantee of return and exchange goods, but the price is slightly high. Category B is the import goods of the original factory special channel. Because of the reduction of the intermediate link, the price is very resonable. Category C is OEM processing goods. Many foreign brands and manufacturers will go to domestic manufacturers to customize the OEM production frame. The price is lower than the original factory special channel imported goods. Category D is imitation, rough quality, easy to fade and break, the price is very low.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

The price is more consistent.

Brands like Burberry, Dior, Gucci, Armani, Valentino, YSL, and so on are produced by Safilo. They strictly control the sales channels and will not wholesale goods to merchants casually. In the United States, only optical stores with national relevant industry qualification certification can purchase products from SAFIO. And there will be a commissioner to supervise the merchants and stores, and malicious competition by lowering prices is not allowed. Each pair of Safilo sunglasses comes with a certificate from the factory. It can be said that the sunglasses produced by Safilo without the certificate are all counterfeits.

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What's the price of Gucci sunglasses?

Gucci GG4276/S unisex sunglasses Tortoise-shell J5GCC has a golden copper frame and it is decorated with tortoise-shell acetate fiber details to add the flavor of high-end brands. Besides, having UVA/UVB protection, the function is pretty good. The selling price is RMB 2480.00. For the Gucci GG3636/F/S lady sunglasses tortoiseshell z99HA, inside and outside the legs of the sunglasses, there are two colors of the design, with more charm. And the gold brand logo, special workmanship, and modeling, all reflect the brand characteristics. The selling price is 1980.00 yuan. Generally speaking, the price of this kind of international famous brand of sunglasses should be more than one thousand to two thousand.

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