How long do plastic glasses frames last

How long do plastic glasses frames last?

In the previous article, we discussed “Which frame material is best for sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How long do plastic glasses frames last?”.

About Plastic Frames

It is usually divided into thermoplastic plastics and thermosetting plastics.  Thermoplastics can be reworked under heat. Thermosetting plastics cannot. The plastic frame is usually made of nylon or composite material. Although it is a thermoplastic material, at regular temperature will not become soft.  The plastics used to make frames are not always thermoplastic, but they can almost always be softened by heating. Thermosetting plastics are usually used only for small parts.(

Advantages of Plastic Frames

Plastic frame material is mainly various types of plastic polymer materials. With the characteristics of impact resistance, suitable for athletes to wear. The plastic used to make the frames can usually soften under the condition of the heating, and some plastic frames can be fine-tuned without heating.  The plastic frames are not allergic and lightweight, making them suitable for children and people of all ages.  And because the color is rich, and there are many styles. They become the choice of fashionable sunglasses. Plastic frame cost is low, and the process is simple.  Because of its lightweight, plastic glasses frame is not easy to allergy. Because of its color and material characteristics, they become the fashion personage sunglasses or decoration choice.

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How long do plastic frames last?

Plastic frames are made of non-biodegradable materials and are possible to last forever.  If the frame is made of acetate, the layers of acetate fibers make the frame vary in degrees of transparency and pattern.  The plastic frame manufacturing process makes the plastic frame more brittle than the acetate frame. In this sense, the acetate frame has a longer service life.  Then the plastic, which is made of SAP, will never break down.  Depending on the circumstances, it could take years.  If the lenses are polycarbonate, the material takes hundreds of years to break down naturally. If TR-90 is normally stored, not exposed to the sun, and put in the box with cloth wrapped, and then you can keep 3 years, there is no effect.

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Susan Wilgruber

Susan Wilgruber

My two year old glasses with plastic frames are making my skin itch where they touch my face.

My two year old glasses with plastic frames are making my skin itch where they touch my face.

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