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Which frame material is best for sunglasses?

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Which frame material is best for sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Are polarized glasses good for fishing?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Which frame material is best for sunglasses?”.


The sunglasses frames on market now are made of the plate.'Plate' is the common name of pair of resin in the glasses industry. Its actual ingredient is acetate. It is not heavy in weight and has good elasticity. It belongs to polymer materials. This kind of plate can be divided into the domestic plate, Hong Kong plate, and Italian plate. Among them, the Italian plate quality is the best. The color and luster, elasticity is very good. And of course, the price is very high. The international and domestic high-grade brand glasses mostly use Italian plates.


They prevent the deformation or even fracture of the sunglasses in sports, and protect the face from injury. They have a special memory function, and the anti-deformation index reaches up to 620kg/cm2. TR-90 is 30% lighter than the plate, and can effectively reduce the weight of glasses so that wearing will be more comfortable. They effectively resist the impact of external forces, more than twice the plate.


That is PC after injection molding machine melting injection molding. The color is later sprayed up. This kind is lighter than the weight of the resin. With specific gravity 1.2, they are non-combustion-supporting. They are odorless and non-toxic resin, in line with the provisions of the FDA and the United States Drug Administration.


There are many kinds of metal materials, like Pure titanium, β titanium, manganese, stainless steel, white copper, copper, nickel. Among them, manganese, white copper are more traditional materials, and stainless steel and titanium material is the latest emerging materials. Pure titanium is now one of the best materials on the market. Titanium is the most valuable metal after gold, and it's the lightest.

What kind of material is best for sunglasses?

All the materials have their own functions and disadvantages, and all of them play an important role in the use of sunglasses frames. The TR90 material is the main material for the sunglasses. The plate material belongs to the high-grade sunglasses. The plate belongs to high-grade sunglasses. The plate is not heavy in weight, suitable for everyone's needs, and will not cause skin allergies, and feels smooth. For people with allergies, these materials can be used. Metal sunglasses are another kind of material. The alloy material is not easy to break and has good impact resistance. They are not easy to deform and have other functions. The defect lies in the heavyweight. Some are easy to oxidize. People who are allergic to metal are not suitable for choosing metal materials.

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