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How can you tell if Michael Kors sunglasses are real?

By :Koalaeye 0 comments
How can you tell if Michael Kors sunglasses are real?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are bendable glasses called?“. In this article, let’s talk about “How can you tell if Michael Kors sunglasses are real?”.

If you suspect Michael Kors sunglasses you're about to purchase are imitations, is there any way to help you verify their authenticity? If you know what to pay attention to, finding fake designer sunglasses is relatively simple. Let's learn how can we tell if Michael Kors sunglasses are real.

Look at the lettering on the frame.

Sunglasses have their brand name and production number inscribed on their metal frames. All are made of precision mold milling and pressing. The metallic luster is very bright, and the interface between the metal frame and the temple of the sunglasses is very smooth and clean. And the hardware lettering is clear, looking delicate and beautiful. Even the height of the protruding part is consistent. There will be no uneven or dislocation phenomenon. There will be no gap. And imitation basically looks rough. Imitation lettering may have a large area of depression.(

See the trademark.

The letters of real goods are clean and tidy, and the letter thickness will not be different. And even the arrangement is orderly. Before you buy, you should know the logo and label of your sunglasses. These luxury brands are consistent in how and where they display their clearly identifiable logos, even if they differ from model to model. The legal logo is placed on the temple, the lens, or any other place on the sunglasses, and it is always consistent. However, there are some exceptions, but they are usually of the same size, font, and color of very high quality.

See the logo.

Sunglasses will print the 'ISO' logo in the upper right corner of the right lens, and it is a certain curve along with the lens, rather than stiff printing on the lens. Among other things, the word 'RB' will be printed on the left lens (except for sunglasses with one-piece lenses). Sunglasses with plastic frames will be printed with a white or black logo on the inside of each temple, along with the manufacturing factory code and the origin label.

Look at the quality.

Good glasses are made of fine workmanship and good materials. If you think these glasses are cheap or thin, they probably are. Gently press on the hinge and temple to check its quality and stability, and put on the glasses for a few minutes to measure the lens sharpness. Illegal manufacturers use cheap lenses to cut costs, which means that the sunglasses you're buying aren't really protecting you at all. In fact, they could be doing more damage to your eyes.

Thank you for your time in reading our passage “How can you tell if Michael Kors sunglasses are real?”. For more information about eyeglasses and sunglasses, please continue to follow KoalaEye Blog. Also, it is welcome to share and forward to Facebook and Twitter.


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