Why can outdoor activities prevent myopia?

Why can outdoor activities prevent myopia?

During the summer vacation, children who stay at home may spend more time playing computers, using mobile phones, or watching television. Such resting periods can put a greater burden on their eyes.


How can parents protect their children's eyes during the summer vacation? Many experts have already introduced eye care methods online, among which the most important one is to encourage outdoor activities. Take advantage of the summer break to let children spend more time outdoors. This not only exercises their bodies but also effectively prevents myopia.

Why are outdoor activities highly effective in preventing myopia?

Outdoor activities reduce the time spent on close-up work and increase the time spent on distance vision, which is very beneficial for myopia prevention and control.

Outdoor activities expose individuals to more sunlight, which stimulates the body to produce more vitamin D. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium. Insufficient calcium can weaken the elasticity and surface tension of the eyeball wall, leading to elongation of the eyeball and the development of myopia, especially during close-up work or in a head-down position.

Light stimulates the release of dopamine in the retinal tissue. Outdoor light is 100-1000 times stronger than indoor light, even on cloudy days or under the shade of trees, typically reaching several thousand lux. Therefore, outdoor activities promote the release of more dopamine, which slows down the elongation of the eyeball and helps prevent myopia.

In addition, some experts believe that strong light outdoors causes the pupil to constrict, deepening the depth of field and thus inhibiting the development of myopia.

What kind of outdoor activities are considered effective?

Outdoor activities during the day: Children should engage in outdoor activities during the day when they can receive direct natural light. The preventive effect of indoor and nighttime activities is limited.

Ensure sufficient outdoor time: Children should aim for approximately 2 hours of outdoor activities every day instead of concentrated long periods only on weekends. Only by evenly distributing the time can we achieve more effective protection.

Diverse range of outdoor activities: Children can engage in various outdoor sports such as table tennis, badminton, basketball, and baseball. They can also participate in skipping rope, gymnastics, dancing, singing, recitation, and activities related to science, nature, or even leisurely walks or sitting quietly.

Protect against excessive light: During the winter vacation, it is important to protect the eyes from intense light, especially on snowy days when the sunlight is strong.

In summary, parents should increase their awareness and actively practice methods to promote their children's eye health. If a child's vision problems arise, parents should remain calm and take proactive steps, including choosing suitable eyewear.

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