What cat-eye sunglasses to choose for your face shape ?

What cat-eye sunglasses to choose for your face shape?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Should I buy polarized sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What cat-eye sunglasses to choose for your face shape?”.

As cat-eye frames are more popular than ever in fashion, let's match your cat-eye with your face shape. Cat-eye sunglasses work well with round, square and triangular faces because the shape of the frame balances out all the features. But they also have a lot of variations and styles, so they work well with many other types of faces.

Cat-eye Sunglasses for Round Faces

For people with round faces, the best cat-eye sunglasses are those with angular lines. Choose sunglasses with sharper edges and corners, or with larger frames curved upward, or with thicker frames. These cat-eye sunglasses are perfect for anyone who needs to draw attention from a rounded cheek or fuller jawline.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Cat-eye Sunglasses for Square Faces

Square faces work well with oval or ink frames with curls around them, and cat-eye and butterfly sunglasses work well. Round and curved sunglasses can soften a square face or flatter a face that's too big. Avoid sunglasses that are too big, too square, too round, and too complicated for a square face. The best cat-eye sunglasses are those with narrow frames. If you want to draw attention away from angular facial features, opt for a subtle, rounded cat-eye frame. The right sunglasses can soften a square face.??

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Which brands can be purchased?


Marsquest, as a Canadian sunglasses brand, has made a splash in the fashion world this year, attracting a lot of attention in the fashion world. Marsquest's product design has always been in pursuit of diversification. Every place is a combination of Eastern and Western culture, considering the wearing habits of various people, so it can be said that there is a very 'serious' pursuit of details. The half-frame lens won't be outdated, and the union of plate and metal show more sense, and it is the choice of tide man forever. The unique and classic design highlights the fashion of the wearer.


Prada sunglasses have always given people a unique sense of taste, with the original Italian system of the overall sense. And the market is separated from the mass brands, Prada's glasses are the standard equipment for many stars to dress up their own. Design and modern life are formed in harmony, not only in the material, color, and style of the time. Prada achieves a perfect balance between function and aesthetics, not only the show of fashion trend but also the ultimate of modern aesthetics.

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