What are your favorite sunglasses for running and cycling

The Best Sunglasses For Running And Cycling In 2021

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In the previous article, we discussed “What color lens is best for cycling?”. In this article, let’s talk about “The Best Sunglasses For Running And Cycling In 2021”.

Sports glasses are special glasses that everyone wears when exercising. They are protective measures to protect the eyes from injury. Under normal circumstances, the purchase of high-end sports glasses has a complete set of parts and equipment, including safety PC lenses, soft and flexible TR90 frames, non-slip comfortable nose pads, and foot covers. In order to match the collocation of sports and leisure clothing, the design of sports glasses is becoming more fashionable. And I recommend these brands of sports glasses for running and cycling.

Rudy Project

Rudy Project is an Italian sports equipment brand, and its sports sunglasses are known as the 'Rolls Royce of the global vision'. Many top athletes in the world like Rudy Project sports glasses very much. Rudy Project glasses can be seen in the world's top competitions such as the Winter Olympics. In addition to professional sports sunglasses, Rudy Project sports optics is world-renowned, and its sports glasses for myopia are also the target of domestic brands to follow.(https://www.koalaeye.com/blogs/our-stories)


Oakley, an American brand, was founded in 1975 by Jim Jeannard and basketball star Michael Jordan. The change in the concept of Oakley sports sunglasses in functional eyewear products is that it integrates the comfort, practicality, and artistry of the glasses, so that function and fashion are highly integrated. Its multi-functional sunglasses are specially designed for various sportsmen. Oakley and Rudy Project are both known as the two kings of the sports eyewear industry.


UVEX is a German brand, created by Phillip M. Winter in 1926. UVEX is an international supplier in the world that provides a dedicated brand of industrial safety protection products from head to toe. All UVEX glasses are made of Makrolon, a high-tech polycarbonate developed by Bayer. This material has outstanding characteristics such as high light transmittance, impact resistance, and almost no breakage. UVEX sports sunglasses are also a common eyewear brand in cycling events, and their ski goggles are sold well in China.

Sports Sunglasses| Sports Sunglasses Online | KOALAEYESports Sunglasses| Sports Sunglasses Online | KOALAEYE
Prezzo di vendita$39.00 USD
Sports Sunglasses| Sports Sunglasses Online | KOALAEYESports Sunglasses| Sports Sunglasses Online | KOALAEYE
Prezzo di vendita$39.00 USD


Salice sports sunglasses, an Italian brand, represents speed, sports, energy, and adrenaline. A complete series of sunglasses and goggles are familiar to athletes with special designs, and their cycling glasses and ski goggles are more famous.


Bolle, a French sports sunglasses brand with 122 years of history, has been pursuing high standards of comfort and security. Different sports have different requirements for the performance of glasses, so it is highly respected by professional athletes. . It is currently a ski goggles brand with a relatively high sales volume in China.


KoalaEye is an emerging eyewear brand. KoalaEye is a high-end eyewear brand integrating design, production, sales, and service. Its sports glasses are designed with 'comfortable wearing, stylish look, and reasonable pricing' as the product concept. The use of the latest safety PC lenses, combined with high-tech advanced technology, emphasizes the prominent changes in colors and materials and is deeply loved and favored by outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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