What are the top 5 sunglasses brands in 2021

What are the top 5 sunglasses brands in 2021?

In the previous article, we discussed “What is the best sunglasses brand for men?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the top 5 sunglasses brands in 2021?”.

As we all know, when the sun is particularly strong, you need to squint your eyes under the sun. Sunglasses have a certain protective effect on the retina and macular area under strong light. Sunglasses are not only worn in summers but they can be worn in cold winters. Sunglasses are so important to our eyes, but do you prefer to buy a pair of branded sunglasses? I would like to recommend the top five sunglasses brands in 2021 to you.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban was founded in the United States in 1930. It is a world-renowned sunglasses brand and owns the reputation of 'a symbol of American culture'. Since the establishment of the brand, Ray-Ban has always been the best-selling sunglasses brand in the world. Supporting this achievement is Ray-Ban's consistent high-quality and elegant design. Bausch & Lomb's continuous innovation of optical technology has made high-quality lenses, which is one of the selling points of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban lenses are mainly made of glass, which has a strong shading effect. All lenses can block 0% harmful ultraviolet rays and at the same time block and filter harmful rays such as infrared rays. The polarizing film technology used now reduces the damage of light to the eyes a lot. The design and manufacture of Ray-Ban frames are also excellent, which can make people wear comfortable under any circumstances. Timeless design, concise style, and high quality have undoubtedly become the important elements of Ray-Ban, which is still enduring after nearly 70 years.(https://www.koalaeye.com/blogs/our-stories)

Bolon Sunglasses

BOLON glasses was founded in 2002 and are an eyewear brand under the French Essilor Group. As a classic brand standing at the forefront of fashion, it always maintains the most elegant style in innovation. BOLON is a professional company integrating the production, processing, sales, and spare parts service of glasses. BOLON sunglasses adhere to the leading design concept in the fashion industry, combine fashion and elegance into the design, keep up with the world's fashion trends, and use innovative technology. The hand-polished materials and the well-designed LOGO-derived patterns truly interpret the excellent texture and perfect taste of BOLON glasses, showing the distinctive, extraordinary, elegant, and noble temperament.

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Molsion Sunglasses

Molsion glasses, established in 20, is a youthful eyewear brand under the French Essilor Group. With the addition of Italian designers, Molsion glasses brings a unique international vision. The young design team instantly captures subtle changes in fashion with a sensitive fashion touch, so that every pair of glasses can be shaped with exquisite craftsmanship. The unique creative design incorporates the latest fashion trends to outline the unruly personality of the youth. The high-quality materials and exquisite detail design of Molsion glasses appeal to a unique self-style.

Helen Keller sunglasses

Helen Keller glasses brand, founded in 2009, has a unique view of glasses. Helen Keller glasses insist the superior materials, professional design, and the concept of adhering to the ultimate craftsmanship. Intellectuality, elegance, sunshine, and reality are perfectly integrated into the design of Helen Keller's glasses. From the design of the frame shape to the research and development of the linking and joining technology, as well as every hand-installed accessory and screw on the glasses, it is the requirements of high quality and the pursuit of every detail in the glasses. Helen Keller glasses also try to show the kindness and courage of Ms. Helen Keller who accepted the challenges of life and won the bright spirit of life.

Oakley Sunglasses

Founded in 1975, Oakley is one of the world's well-known product design and sports performance brands and is selected by world-renowned athletes. Oakley holds more than 850 patents and is also known for its innovative lens technology, including PRIZMTM. Oakley has expanded its position as a sports eyewear brand into clothing and accessories, offering a line of men and women that appeal to athletic performance, active, and lifestyle consumers.

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