Is it Better to Choose Acetic  Frame or Metal Frame?

Is it Better to Choose Acetic Frame or Metal Frame?

How to Choose Eyewear Frame Material Lettura Is it Better to Choose Acetic Frame or Metal Frame? 2 minuti Prossimo What types of lens materials are there?

Regarding this question, I think the answer is not the only one, and the one that suits you is the best. When you choose a frame, after comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two materials, you will naturally know how to choose. Next, I will talk about it from different angles. the difference between the two

1) Look at the different styles

Metal frames are more business-like and formal, while sheet metal frames are more casual.

2) Whether it is easy to deform

Metal lenses are relatively easy to deform, and plate frames are not easy to deform, but they are easy to deform and easy to adjust, not easy to deform and not easy to adjust, so there are advantages and disadvantages.

3) In terms of material thickness:

The material thickness of the plate is thicker, which can cover the thickness of the lens and make it look thinner visually. The thinner the metal, the thicker it will look.

4) From the nose pad design

Plates are commonly used as one piece of support, which is suitable for people with high beams. It is easy to load and stable. It is not suitable for short beams. It cannot support the weight of glasses and is easy to slide down and become unstable.

Fitting the bridge of the nose with a plate, it actually looks good, the contact area with the bridge of the nose is large, and the comfort will be better.


5) Is it easy to fade Angle:

Metals are relatively easy to fade, and alloys are more likely to fade. Chin is relatively good, of course it also depends on the quality. Plate frame 9 does not have the problem of color fading.

6) Durable Angle:

Metal will age and break after a long time, and the plate frame is easy to turn white after a long time, which is not good-looking.

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