How can you tell real Costa sunglasses

How can you tell real Costa sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “How can you tell if Coach Sunglasses are real?“. In this article, let’s talk about “How can you tell real Costa sunglasses?”.

Look at the etching.

The main way to verify that your Costa sunglasses are authentic is to look for the etching in the upper right corner. Depending on the type of lens you buy, there will be different etchings. The Costa polycarbonate lens uses 580 technology and will be etched with a 580P in the upper left corner to prove its authenticity. Costa's 580 technology glass lens will etch a 580 in the upper left corner of the lens. If there is a prescription on the glasses, its logo will be shown before the 580, or there will be a C after the 580 on different models.

Look at the lens.

All Costa sunglasses are polarized. With 580 lens technology, Costa has become a high-end polarized company. Each Costa sunglasses has a polarized coating inside the lens. The Costa lens filters out the harsh yellow light. If you have a pair of real Costa sunglasses with 580 engraved on the top right lens, your eyes will always be protected. In addition, Costa offers seven different signature lens shades. 580 G is 20% thinner than ordinary polarized glasses, and the number of light increases by 22%. The 580 P lenses are polycarbonate lenses that are impact-resistant and pretty light. The polycarbonate lens has C wall molecular bond, which makes the lens more resistant to scratch.

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Look through the Costa website.

Notice the styles available. The official website will showcase the latest styles and models. If the glasses you're considering buying don't look like the ones the company sells online, you're probably buying a fake. Determine if the seller is one of their dealers. Costa's dealers are all over the country. The site allows customers to enter their address and find the nearest dealer. If the dealer selling the glasses is not a Costa dealer, the glasses are usually illegal.

Look at the inside temples of your sunglasses.

Laurie Fontenot, a Costa Del Mar representative, said that all of the company's sunglasses carry an 'SKU' number and style name, which are printed in this area. They will show the Costa Del Mar logo and the name of the manufacturing site.

Look at the polarized effect.

Look for polarized lenses, as polarized sunglasses are an effective way to block uncomfortably bright light and protect your eyes from damaging ultraviolet rays. They have no scratches, impurities, bubbles, or streaks in the lenses of sunglasses. Look for a liquid crystal display screen, put the glasses horizontally to the screen, then the lens does not change. Then turn the glasses upward clockwise to a 45° angle, and you will see the color of the lens darkens. Then it turns back to normal, so this is a polarized lens. If it doesn't change no matter how you rotate it, it's not a polarized lens.

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