How can you promote myopia sunglasses?

How can you promote myopia sunglasses?

Successful cases

Many eyewear owners do not know that they can enjoy the sunshine to their full, and many eyewear shops fail to educate every customer. Specsavers is a British eyewear chain. The Australian chain is running a very "enticing" promotion: for the price of one pair of glasses (A $299 or A $399), you can buy two pairs of glasses, including a pair of glasses and a pair of myopic sunglasses, known as "2 for 1" (two glasses for one).

Why is Specsavers so successful at selling myopic sunglasses?

The competition in the eyewear industry is so intense that many stores, even in Australia where competition is relatively less intense, are under pressure to achieve a one-price price. There must be an OPSM near every Specsavers, and the poster of 40%OFF (40%OFF) will be hung in the window every two or three days. Specsavers replaced the discount with a "2 for 1" strategy. In other words, customers are willing to pay full price just to get an extra pair, so the complimentary myopia sunglasses are effectively being sold for a 40 percent discount of A $299 or A $399.

Second, while other promotional gifts can be chosen, such as a pair of headphones for a pair of full-price glasses, or a bottle of perfume, the gift of myopic sunglasses has a more profound meaning: it will dramatically increase the number of consumers who use myopic sunglasses.

Thirdly, it is also very important to cultivate users' usage habits. For example, people do not play golf because they do not have time. After repeated encouragement from friends, they occasionally played. As a result, clubs, special shoes, pants, caps, everything went together. That's one more thing in life.

Customers get their first pair of myopic sunglasses through free activities. After a long time, they cannot leave them and must wear them when they go out. If they are old, broken, or lost, they buy a second pair and a third. Since then, myopic sunglasses have become part of the customer's life.

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How can you do that?

Attention from Enterprises

When the enterprise will determine the "myopic sunglasses" as a point of performance growth, it is bound to mobilize all resources.

Visual Marketing

This is an important factor in the success of this project. For example, the poster can be put up in the store window, myopic sunglasses sales area is set up. The plain sunglasses area also has a hint to match the advertisement of myopic degrees.

Products Package

In the past, myopic sunglasses mostly use customized lenses, resulting in a long delivery cycle, high retail prices, so that a lot of customers cannot afford them. The company uses on-demand inventory (common luminosity, two colors), which shortens the delivery time and reduces the retail price, so the conversion rate is higher.

Internal Motivation

The enterprise has adopted an appropriate internal incentive mechanism so that employees have pressure and motivation to go all out. At the same time, to do a good job in the training of marketing words, and to strengthen the 100 percent recommendation are the essential elements of success.

The myopia sunglasses industry is a huge potential market, and it should cause everyone enough attention. It is possible to achieve 30% or even 80% of the conversion rate of myopic sunglasses in retail stores. The key lies in whether you do it and how you do it. If you want to start the market of myopic sunglasses, you must undertake integrated marketing.


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