Are polarized lenses good for skiing

Are polarized lenses good for skiing?

In the previous article, we discussed “Are polarized sunglasses good for sports?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are polarized lenses good for skiing?”.

Polarized sunglasses can eliminate the glare.

Because polarized sunglasses can prevent glare reflected by snow and absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun. The irregular reflection of light passes through rough snow while skiing is glare. When these rays directly illuminate people's eyes, they will make people's eyes uncomfortable, easy to fatigue, so people can not see things for a long time, and the clarity of the object is obviously not enough. Polarized lenses filter and eliminate all kinds of glare that can damage your eyes, and make the light coming into your eyes more clear and natural.

Snow goggles are a piece of skiing equipment.

Skiing sports must rely on skiing equipment, such as ski shoes, skis, retainers, poles, and other equipment. In addition, there is some auxiliary protective equipment, which can play a certain protective role in skiing, such as ski goggles, ski clothes, helmets, gloves, etc. Ski goggles are subdivided into alpine goggles, jumping goggles, cross-country goggles, free glasses, etc. The requirements of ski goggles are very strict, which not only ensures that the lens can not cover fog during the wearing process but protects the eyes in the snow.

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Snow goggles can be polarized.

Snow goggles were originally designed to prevent snow blindness, but later polarized light was added to prevent glare, ultraviolet radiation, and more. The structure of the snow goggles itself is improved little by little. For example, the coating of the lens now has many functions such as anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-impact, and so on, and the number of the lens has evolved from the original single layer to the current double layer. Wearing polarized sunglasses while skiing can also help relieve eye strain. The reflection of sunlight on the snow is very severe, and the stimulation of cold wind on the eyes is also very obvious during the sliding, so it is necessary to wear a pair of appropriate glasses to protect the eyes. You should choose a thicker frame, fully enclosed ski goggles, and at the same time, the frame should be made of breathable sponge breathable mouth, in order to make the facial skin exhaust heat scattered to the glasses and to ensure that the glasses have a good visual effect.

The Function of High-quality Snow Goggles

They can protect your eyes and face from an outside force. . They can effectively block ultraviolet light and reflect strong light, reducing stimulation and preventing snow blindness. Some middle and high-grade snow glasses can improve the contrast between the ski track and the scene, and improve the visual resolution. They protect your face from the wind. The snow goggles must be shockproof to ensure that they will not crumble and deform under any heavy gravity impact. They must filter 0% UV and bright light. When you ski, your face expels heat, so the lens must have a strong defogging effect.

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